Apple Releases watchOS 7.0.3 for Apple Watch Series 3 with Fix for Unexpected Restarting Issue

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Apple has today released watchOS 7.0.3 for the Apple Watch Series 3.

According to Apple's release notes via Mac Rumors, watchOS 7.0.3 contains a fix for an issue which could cause Apple Watch Series 3 devices to restart unexpectedly:

watchOS 7.0.3 contains improvements and bug fixes, including an issue where Apple Watch Series 3 may unexpectedly restart for some users.

Mac Rumors further notes that watchOS 7.0.3 is only available for the Apple Watch Series 3.

As watchOS 7.0.3 appears to have been released to address a small number of specific issues, our expectation is that it does not contain any accessibility changes for blind and low-vision users; however, if you notice any changes, improvements or regressions in this release, please post a comment with your findings.

watchOS 7.0.3 is only available for Apple Watch Series 3 devices; it can be downloaded via Over-the-Air Update (Settings > General > Software Update) or by going to the Watch app on your iPhone and navigating to General> Software Update. To install the update, your Watch must be connected to its charger and have at least 50% battery power.

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Submitted by blindgary1 on Monday, October 19, 2020

If the update refers to the Apple Watch shutting down and restarting for no apparent reason then i have the same problem with the AppleWatch SE but unfortunately no update for the AppleWatch S E