Apple Releases a Series of Videos Showcasing Real People Using the Accessibility Features of its Products

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In addition to the previously announced Apple Store sessions and updated App Store collections, Apple has now released a series of seven videos on its YouTube channel to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day on 18 May.

The videos are intended to showcase how real people make use of Mac, iOS and Apple Watch accessibility features and some of the third-party applications which build upon these.

Amongst those featured is Patrick, a radio DJ and music producer who is shown navigating Logic Pro X with VoiceOver and using TapTapSee to prepare meals in his kitchen.

Also featured using VoiceOver is Carlos, the lead singer and drummer of metal band Distartica; who is shown arranging transportation, taking photos and posting social media updates as part of his PR responsibilities for the band..

Quoted in a Mashable article about this video series, Sarah Herrlinger, senior manager for global accessibility policy and initiatives at Apple, says:

We see accessibility as a basic human right ... we want more and more people out there to not only see the work we're doing, but realize the importance of accessibility in general.

The Mashable article also includes interviews with a number of the people featured in the video series

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Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, May 21, 2017

I really like these videos, and kudos to Apple for including audio descriptions.