Apple Releases OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 with Security, VoiceOver, and Other Improvements

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Apple today released OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 with a variety of enhancements, including VoiceOver improvements and a fix for the SSL security vulnerability that was discovered last week.

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the improvements in OS X 10.9.2 include FaceTime Audio in the FaceTime and Messages apps; contact blocking for FaceTime and iMessage; Mail app improvements; autofill fixes for Safari; audio fixes; VPN fixes; and VoiceOver fixes.

While 9 to 5 Mac reported that Apple made no mention of the fixed SSL vulnerability in the OS X 10.9.2 release notes, Mac Rumors (via AppleInsider) reported that the bug has been patched.

Additionally, Mac Rumors noted that the SSL vulnerability only affects users running OS X 10.9 Mavericks; OS X Lion and Mountain Lion are unaffected.

As the OS X 10.9.2 release notes include a mention of VoiceOver improvements, we would love to hear what you find; if you notice any bugs that have been fixed, please do let us know in the comments.

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audio issues

I'm just wondering if apple was able to fix the bug that caused you to lose sounds when bringing your mac out of sleep. This issue only seems to affect the late 2013 mac book pros and MacBook airs. I didn't see that in the release notes but I'm just hopeful that it has been since its a very serious bug.

At least 1 Finder fix

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There appears to be at least 1 fix in the Finder - in the contextual menu for files and folders, VoiceOver now correctly reads the ‘Compress …’ menu item. Previously, it would announce this as ‘Get Info’ (the menu item which precedes it) meaning that it appeared that ‘Get Info’ was listed twice in the menu.

re: get info vs compress

I never had the issue with compress vs get info. It always read it right and I'm running 10.9.1 still. Odd?

Odd, but maybe local ...

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marrie, that’s odd, as it’s been consistently doing this for quite some time on my Mac. Perhaps it was some local glitch which this update has managed to flush out of my system.

Maybe. I really don't know as

Maybe. I really don't know as I have never heard of, nor had this bug, and never have seen it on other lists I'm on, and resources I've read since maverick's release.

Haven't Yet Updated, But...

Hi. I haven't yet updated my system, but one thing I did want to mention is that it's great that Voiceover fixes are mentioned. As I said on another list, I don't ever recall this happening with the other os I use. Not that it is a bad os, but just saying. I won't mention it on here though since it is kinda off-topic. I'll try the update though and see what I get, although I'm still very new to the Mac and haven't done enough to really notice many of the bugs people have been mentioning. I will also try and update my sister's MBA this weekend, or have her do so and walk her through the process.

Hims BrailleSense products now work

Helle everyone. It now appears that Hims products can connect via Bluetooth and be used as refreshable Braille Displays. I have an OnHand which now connects just fine, but am hoping that all other Braille notetakers/displays can connect, too.

Re: At least one finder bug fixed

Hi, David. Oddly enough, I am still seeing duplicate menu items in my Finder's contextual menu, but mine are not for "Get Info," but rather they are different depending on what item for which I invoke the contextual menu. If I bring up the menu for a file or folder, the "Compress" option is duplicated and I know that one of the options must differ, but don't remember what it is. If I bring it up for a drive or volume, the "Burn to disk" item is duplicated, but I know one of them is to encrypt the volume. Also, I am noticing an annoying problem where VoiceOver will say that a given item has focus on the desktop as I tab and shift tab, but when I try to perform an action on it, I find some other file or folder has focus. It's harder to reproduce, though.

The "second page" problem seems to be fixed


it seems that in pages and in textedit the second and following pages of a document are spoken in 10.9.2. In the releases before in some situations longer documents caused problems and views had to be changed, to read the second and following pages in this documents.

Serious iBooks VoiceOver bug

Hi all, I've discovered a very serious VO bug in iBooks, which was definitely introduced with this update. When in a book, VoiceOver will now be unable to read certain things, such as chapter headings or certain texts on a page. Instead, VO will simply announce them as 'text', but there appears to be no way of reading the actual text! This is absolutely horrible, my books for university are in epub format and I read them all using iBooks and now it appears to be broken... Could someone possibly test this? I've tried and it appears to be the same on both of my Macs...

still getting finder busy in column mode?

"Additionally, Mac Rumors noted that the SSL vulnerability only affects users running OS X 10.9 Mavericks; OS X Lion and Mountain Lion are unaffected." mountain lion was definitely affected, so was ios 6, that's why apple issued fixes for both. in fact, this security hole has been present for more than a year now. anyway, what i really want to know is whether they finally got around to fix the vo problem when navigating (in column mode) folders that contain large number of files in finder. much appreciated if you can report back with the result, i hate to try it again myself.

login window and system preferences

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The bug where system preferences would crash on the creation of a new user account and when navigating the printers and scanners pain has been fixed. In addition, the bug where Voiceover would speak, "Authentication has new window," with anything it passed in the login window when unlocking from sleep or screen saver and the data detectors for mail, calendar, and contacts has been fixed.

I haven't found the problem

I haven't found the problem while browsing large folders in column view in the new version. It seems to be corrected.

Mail issue

Hello, I use mail to run my MSN account. In previous version of OSX, mail would not deliver my messages when they came in, even though my IPhone and my windows laptop got them just fine. When This continued in the latest update, I tried deleting the account, and reconfiguring it. Now, I am told that mail can not connect to the msn account, wich makes no sence. Thanks, Darrell

RE: Serious iBooks VoiceOver bug

I have the exact same problem. I have written to the Apple accessibility team about this. Such a huge bug should be fixed in the beta-builds of 10.9.2, but that just confirm what I thought. Apple needs more testers who use their accessibility-features.

Successfully Updated

Well folks, my system was successfully updated earlier this evening to version 10.9.2 , and it looks like everything went smoothly. I have noticed 2 small things in the default Apple mail program: (1) the message count now appears to be fixed, and (2) the "disclosure triangle" message in Voiceover is now spoken before the actual mail message rather than after. But that's all I've noticed so far. Like I mentioned in my previous reply in this thread, I'm still learning so haven't exactly done much in the way of text editing or anything like that. I don't own a Braille display so can't comment on the improvements there.

RE: Audio Issue

To the poster who was losing audio upon system wake: That happened to me in Mountain Lion and was extremely annoying, requiring a restart. Wow, how times have changed when I think of restarting a Mac with an SSD in it! Anyway, I have not seen this issue in Mavericks, but have just applied the patch. I am running a 2011 MacBook Air. To the iBooks issue: I haven't looked for it. Try un-interacting and re-interacting with the book and see if that helps. I had that issue in Safari, but it was fixed under Mavericks. To fix it manually, I had to either play around with interacting or reload the page, or both.

I'm waiting until my 54 gig

I'm waiting until my 54 gig time machine back up completes. For some reason it's going to take 5 hours. I think that's my computer being stupid. I'm keeping an eye on this thread so I can do my addendum in mavericks series. I have 2 files and tutorials done but they are not released due to time constraints with me being a college student. lol! Anyway guys take care and be blessed. and maybe tomorrow whenI'm more awake and not doing much but some forum posts for a class will I probably update.


Hello, Since this is my very first mac, I was not aware this issue existed earlier. From what I have seen and from what I told by others facing the same issue, the audio being lost after waking started reappearing on mac models released in late 2013. Since it was not formally stated that the bug was fixed, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is.

Braillesense fixed but nothing else.

Hey. Since the update my braille sense can connect as a display via blutetooth again which is nice. Safari isn't fixed for me, when I'm reading text, VO reads items from the dock. I've hever had any issues with finder, issues seem different for each user. Dictionary app still not fixed. Ibooks completely unaccessible now. Instead of reading the text VO just says text, I've tried uninteresting etc. It's a shame, I liked using it. I hope accessibility will improve in the future rather than getting steadily worse with each update, because apple are a great company.

Reproducing #8

To reproduce the bug Jason mentioned in comment #8 is actually easy. Open any finder window, like a folder, then go to the desktop. Doesn't matter if you use vo-shift-d or f11. Either way, you'l see that the VO cursor does go there, but the keyboard focus stays in the last window you were in.

double confirmed

"I haven't found the problem while browsing large folders in column view in the new version. It seems to be corrected." yes, fixed very nicely. spent some more time under the hood, i must say the new memory management strategy is quite impressive.

Yes... seeing that "improves

Yes... seeing that "improves VoiceOver navigation in mail and finder" was the hole reason I did the update. I am also very happy to report that navigating large directories in the finder is working again in Mavericks! Hallelujah! I haven't had too much trouble with navigating mail, but perhaps the issue of attachments sometimes not showing up in a message has been addressed.

OS 10.9.2

The only problem I had was when FaceTime audio would fail to make a call when trying to call some one.