Apple releases iOS 7.0.4

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Apple has just released iOS 7.0.4 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Along with the usual bug fixes and stability improvements, iOS 7.0.4 fixes a bug which would sometimes prevent users from making a FaceTime call.

iOS 7.0.4 is available starting immediately as an over the air (OTA) update, and it can be installed by navigating to General > Software Update in iOS’s Settings app. The update can also be downloaded and installed using Apple’s iTunes software on a computer.

Apple also pushed out an iOS 6.1.5 update for owners of fourth generation iPod touch, also to bring a fix to the aforementioned FaceTime bug, and and update to the Apple TV firmware, bringing it to version 6.0.2.

As we find out more information about what other things have been fixed. We will be sure to update this blog as we obtained the information.

As always we also love to hear from you if you have found anything unusual with this new update!

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#1 Focus bug fixed

Seems like the focus bug has been fixed. No more skipping around when navigating by headings Can anyone confirm?

#2 screen locked repeating

Did they fix voiceover repeating screen locked?

#3 Could it be possible?

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Hello Vash Rein, At first I had also thought the issue may have been resolved. When I had tried it with my Chrome and Safari. I had no issue for quite a while. Only to have this to start acting up on me this evening. It was certainly starting to look positive at first to only to see that this has not been resolved. The actual update was very small in size. So that was only an indicator that there wasn't going to be much in this fix. Apple has not released the list of things that was fixed along with the Facetime problems. So we are unclear and will probably never know what are the other fixes and stability that they have mentioned. Lastly, to answer the question for John. No, the part where it announces the lock screen still is being announced twice.


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#5 No, and also the issue with

No, and also the issue with clicks being missed when entering passwords is still present. Also the VoiceOver volume on the rotor is still stuck at 35 percent, in fact it seems most of the old bugs we no and hate are still present, guess we will just have to wait for IOS 7.1 now.


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#7 No the close folder sound

No the close folder sound isn't fixed, there is also an icon on the status bar that doesn't read when the phone is locked. One thing that does seem to be fixed is the sound plays when you change the volume and the phone is locked, before this sound would only play if the phone was unlocked.

#8 headings still buggy

hi guys, i'm sorry, but i have to disappoint you. the headings bug is still around. some pages where it was doing it, no longer does so, but others still do. so no, it's not fixed.

#9 Can you provide examples of headings bug?

It no longer occurs on applevis. However can anyone provide examples of where the headings bug still occurs ?

#10 Headings bug just occurred on applevis

Well I spoke too soon. The headings bug still exists pretty much everywhere it did before. Just encountered it on applevis Not sure why it disappeared for a while, but it it came back. This bug seems to not be noticed by apple I have reported it multiple times but no fix thus far. Will report it again. Hopefully, you guys will to.

#11 I was wrong, the headings bug just occurred on applevis

Well I spoke too soon. The headings bug seems to be prevalent everywhere it used to be, especially applevis. Not sure why it went away for a while, but it has returned. This is becoming a little disconcerting as the bug has existed for at least two years and there has been no fix for it. It doesn't just seem to be headings. It seems to be headings and links. I will reported to Apple again and hopefully some of you guys will too

#12 Spellchecker and auto correct bug.

Hi, apparently in iOS 7 04, the spellchecker and AutoCorrect bug where they turn themselves off every once in a while still occurs. I just found this out now.

#13 Dang it.

Dang it. I think I find the repeating of screen lock more annoying than the focus issue. I will be contacting Apple II thanks John

#14 folder badge icons?

Hello, Has the folder badge icons issue been fixed? You know; the one where VO isn't reading a number outside of a folder that is displayed "visually" on that folder.

#15 folder badge icon bug and others

Hello, I think the folder badge icon bug was fixed on iOS 7.0.3, it seems to be working fine on 7.0.4 as well. As for all of the other bugs, I don't think any of them have been fixed. My guess is that this was an urgent last minute update, in order to fix that FaceTime bug, which I can see why, since I experienced this bug myself back on 7.0.3.

#16 Any way to get a list of bugs

Any way to get a list of bugs? This might help when contacting apple accessibility

#17 voice over bugs confermed

Hi. Still have the voice over bug where focus jumps around on web pages. I contacted apple several times about this, and they keep telling me they will forward my email to the correct people. I'm not sure why this keeps happening, but I am getting mad because apple says they will work on it, but nothing is done. Why is that?

#18 I contacted Apple about this

Hello, I contacted apple with the URL leading to a post on AppleVis regarding iOS 7 bugs with VoiceOver already, but I suggest everyone else does the same. Unfortunately, I don't have the URL in hand with me at the moment, but it contained quite a few posts on it with a list of bugs.

#19 annoying focus and feedback issues when deleting text

Hi all, I have just written my first text in ios 7.0.4 and have encountered some issues when editing, and I am wondering if others can confirm either of them. Firstly when I delete text using a Bluetooth keyboard I am deleting text and sometimes for no reason two characters are deleted at once instead of the usual one at a time, its as if the cursor jumps or something and gets rid of two at once. The other issue I have found was when I tried to replicate the issue using the on screen keyboard and deleting text using that. I found that I would start deleting text and sometimes the auto correct would pop up and my focus would be thrown out of the message editing field to the top of the app. I don't mind the on screen keyboard issue as I don't use it much. However the Bluetooth keyboard issue is annoying as I use that regularly for typing texts, and I have been able to reliably reproduce the issue using two keyboards. Needless to say this issue wasn't present in the last ios version with two characters being deleted at once, it doesn't happen every time I press backspace but if I continue deleting characters it usually happens after two or 3 words have been deleted and then every few key presses after that. If people want to try to reproduce this issue, the test text I used when checking this issue out is "hi how are things with you? I found the first instance of two letters being deleted at once usually happens when you get to the gs in things or the th in with.

#20 reg. screen locked bug

As a temporary fix for the screen locked bug (if I'm going to sleep or whatever), I like to mute speech with 3-finger double tap before locking. You can still hear when you're on the lock screen by navigating around with clicks, and then you can unmute. It's not a great fix, but I find it useful when I'm in situations where I don't want to be disturbed by a sudden outburst of "screen locked".

#21 Favorite listin phone app

Hello, Has the favorite list within the phone app now become completely accessible using VO now?

#22 re: favorites list

The favorites list works fine for me.

#23 no

hi, no, the favorites list isn't working properly yet. to the last commenter, the problem is, that when selecting a contact in the favorites screen, it does not say if it's going to call the contacts mobile, home phone, main phone, or even text them. this is very anoying, especially when you have several contact numbers in your favorites from the one person.

#24 Favorites and Badge app icons outside folders

Hello, Thank you Dallas for clarifying that point. No, the badge app icons are not working properly outside of folders either? Someone in this threat above stated that they were, but I need someone to confirm that it IS or IS NOT working properly. For instance, if you have your facebook app inside of a folder and you have two notifications, you will not know this until you double tap into the folder; before IOS 7.x; this worked properly. Let me know. -Andrew-

#25 Badges on folders is still

Badges on folders is still consistently not working.