Apple May Announce New iPhone Models September 10

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Apple may be preparing to announce a next-generation iPhone on September 10. Tech website AllThingsD is reporting that Apple’s next iPhone event is scheduled for September 10, 2013. While the feature set for the new iPhone—referred to as the “iPhone 5S”—will not be known for certain until the event, many websites are postulating that Apple will be including a fingerprint sensor on the new device. What is less clear is whether Apple will launch a low-cost iPhone to compete with Android devices in that share of the market. While Apple has traditionally offered older models at a reduced price, an unconfirmed—but plausible—report analyzed on MacRumors from July suggests that Apple will discontinue the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 and instead focus all of its resources on the “iPhone 5S” and new plastic iPhone. The report claims that the in-cell technology used in the iPhone 5’s touchscreen is "not suitable for low-volume production,” but it is also possible that Apple could be discontinuing the older models to standardize parts and focus sales to the new low-cost iPhone.

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