Apple Makes Last Minute Accessibility Fixes to the App Store Ahead of iOS 6 Release

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

I am pleased to say that the major problems we reported with the App Store in the Gold Master release of iOS 6 have now been fixed by Apple.

This is great news, and our thanks go to everybody at Apple who has been busy working on these last minute fixes.

Those who said that this would happen have been proved correct, and I have no problem in saying that I am very pleased that they were!

When alerted to these problems, we had 2 choices - say nothing and hope that they were fixed before the public release, or give people a warning that there were potentially major problems that they should consider before updating.

As things have transpired, the former would have been the better choice. However, decisions are not made with the benefit of hindsight, and I would rather be saying now that we were proved wrong than have risked people only finding out after updating that the App Store had become inaccessible.

So, once again, many thanks to the developers and Accessibility Team at Apple for fixing these problems, and happy updating tomorrow to all VoiceOver users.