Live Blog: Apple's September 2014 Special Event

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Below is our live blog of the September 9, 2014 Apple event. Information was compiled from the AppleVis Twitter timeline, 9 to 5 Mac, Mac Rumors, and [Macworld](].

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS

  • Tim Cook: "They are new in every way." Power button on the right side, "Retina HD" display. Ion-strengthened glass, ultra thin backlight
  • 1920 x 1080 401ppi for iPhone 6 PLUS, 1334 x 750 326ppi for the iPhone 6.
  • Cook: [iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS is] thinner than anything we've ever made. iPhone 6 is 6.9mm [thick], iPhone 6 PLUS is 7.1mm. Compared to 7.6 in the 5s.
  • New horizontal home screen view! One of the ways Apple is taking advantage of the new displays.
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS have A8 chip, 2 billion transistors, and 64-bit support. Uses 20nm process, 25% faster CPU performance.
  • iPhone 6 battery statistics: 50 hours audio playback, 11 hours video playback, 11 hours wifi browsing, 10 hours LTE browsing.
  • Barometer on iPhone 6 can detect when you're walking up stairs, etc.
  • iPhone 6/6 PLUS will have new wireless and LTE capabilities. 20 LTE bands; 13 available in previous devices.
  • iPhone 6 will support VOLTE (Voice-Over-LTE).
  • iPhone 6 has 802.11Ac wireless. (3 times?) faster than previous tech.
  • WiFi calling and transferring to cellular on iPhone 6 will be seamless.
  • iPhone 6 has an 8MP iSight Camera, True Tone flash, 1.5 micron pixels, 2.2 aperture. New sensor to take better photos.
  • Cameras in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS are nearly identical, but iPhone 6 LUS is getting optical image stabilization.
  • New iPhones shoot video at 1080p at 30fps and 60fps, and slo-mo at 240fps.
  • There's a new front-facing FaceTime HD camera. New sensor, f2.2 aperture that lets in 81% more light. Better face detection plus burst mode.
  • There are new silicon cases for each iPhone, in six colors, including a Product (RED) version. Phones come in gold, silver, space gray.
  • iPhone 6 Pricing: $199 16GB, $299 64GB, $399 128GB.
  • iPhone 6 PLUS Pricing: $299 16GB, $399 64GB, $499 128GB.
  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS will both launch on September 19; pre-orders start September 12.
  • iOS 8 to be released to the public on September 17.


  • Apple Pay is built into every iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PLUS, which both include NFC.
  • Device-only account number, dynamic security, one-time payment code are how Apple will handle security with ApplePay.
  • Apple partnering with Macys, Bloomingdales, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Staples, Subway, McDonalds, Whole Foods, Disney, and more for Apple Pay.
  • One touch checkout online with Apple Pay. Don't have to enter any payment info, or addresses...and no card info is shared with retailers
  • ApplePay comes with every iPhone 6 and 6 PLUS. Launches in the U.S. next month. Apple promises to bring it to more countries.

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch is Apple's new wearable.
  • Apple Watch is both a watch and a comprehensive health and fitness device.
  • Apple Watch is rectangular; looks like a traditional watch.
  • Apple Watch has interchangeable bands.
  • Apple Watch has a Sapphire-coated display.
  • Use the "digital crown" to scroll through lists, return to home screen and essentially control the device.
  • Apple Watch: All apps take advantage of flexible retina display. Laminated, machined and polished with a single crystal of sapphire.
  • You can send and receive heartbeats to other Apple Watch users.
  • Apple Watch can detect force, telling the difference between a tap and a press.
  • Apple Watch has a new range of contextually-specific controls.
  • Apple Watch incorporates some Haptic feedback.
  • Zirconia back, four sapphire lenses. infrared/visible light LEDs to detect pulse rate. Gyroscope and accelerometer for physical activity.
  • There are six different watch straps. Interchangeable. Sport band, tough, durable, sweat and chemical resistant.
  • There are two different Apple Watch sizes with matching smaller straps. There are three distinct collections for cases and straps.
  • iPhone will be required for the Apple Watch, won't be a standalone device.
  • Haptic engine on Apple Watch notifies you with a subtle tap on the wrist when you've got an incoming message or invitation.
  • Siri is built into the Apple Watch. Just press the digital crown and speak into the watch to get a reply from Siri.
  • Haptic feedback also works when giving directions. It sends different taps for whether you should turn right or left.
  • Photos on Apple Watch: "It's almost like having a little locket of photos with you." Can pan around and look at photos, can tap to zoom in.
  • New form of communication: Digital touch. Press the button below the digital crown to communicate with contacts. Can phone, send messages.
  • Watch will come with two new apps: Fitness App and Workout App.
  • Starting price for the Apple Watch: $349. Available early next year. "It'll be worth the wait," Cook says.
  • Apple Watch works with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 PLUS, iPhone 5s, 5c, and 5.
  • The Apple Watch will work with Apple Pay

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#1 possibly a bit disappointed

I checked the site where the event can be watched, and it says what is needed to watch. Unfortunately, my laptop has Windows XP Pro and Internet Explorer 8. The presentation can apparently be viewed only with Apple products, so I will have to use my iPhone 5, which doesn't have the sound quality of the laptop speakers.

#2 TWiT.TV will have live coverage

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If you can tolerate them occasionally talking over the top of important parts of the presentation, TWiT.TV will have live coverage that's usually a good mix of the live stream and their own commentary on what’s going on:

You should be able to stream this on any browser.

#3 the thats the way I always watch apple events, I'm so excited.

I can not express how excited I am. I have been an Apple user, slash fan boy, for over four years now and I have never been so excited about an Apple event. I have been following the iWatch roomer for what seems like years now and I am very hopeful about the whole concept. I have been interested in the whole smart watch concept for a while now and as I watched all of the android based smart watches come out I came to a major powerful conclusion. If we want a fully accessible smart watch apple is probably going to be our only real hope for a while. This made me realize, as much as I can get annoyed about some of the long standing accessibility that apple products carry, having one of the worlds largest tech companies making out of the box accessibility is going to be an even larger deal in the future then it is now. yes we have several options for desktops and smart phones, but what about the technology of tomorrow? We have no idea what is around the corner or what accessibility issues will crop up. If Apples smart watch is accessible from day one its going to be simply amazing. Lets just hope the thing has a speaker.

#4 apple events

hi all.
is there any app to listen to the events of the apple?

the official address of apple
is completely unstable with the voice over .

tips for an app to watch the events of the apple?

#5 Apple TV?

Is it not simply available through the apple tv, just as they are doing with the itunes festival? If not then surely apple have missed a trick here...

#6 Apple TV

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Yes, the Keynote can be seen and listen with your Apple TV. For those with the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch can also listen to the event by the link given in the original blog.

#7 Some gossip

I work at De Anza college in Cupertino where the event is being held later this morning, 10 AM PDT. Two-thirds of the perimeter road and college entrances have been blocked, and barricades everywhere fully prevent people from wandering the campus. The building where I work is one of the few open, and many staff have chosen to take a vacation.
Out of six parking lots, only two are available, and the event is an invite affair only. I haven't seen so many security people since our bomb scare back in the 1990s!
I'm going to attempt to sneak past all of it with the lost blind lady excuse. My golden guide knows the campus well, and if I ask him to take me to the cafeteria he'll keep trying to find a way through. I've got my staff ID so I am permitted on campus, but I bet they won't let me within a mile of the Apple event.
They have two performing arts centers here, and the smaller one is where the event is being streamed for staff and faculty. The larger one, of course is where the actual event is being held.
We were told about the Apple event just last week, though I suspect our managers knew long before then. Apple is amazingly successful at letting the rumors they want leaked and the rumors they don't want squashed; at least we had no idea until just a few days ago the event would be right here!

#8 not working on iPhone

Hi. I am also planning on listening to the event on my iPhone. is not working for me. I can not find where the event will be. I found a list of shows and what days they will be on, but todays is just about tweating and shopping at the same time. Also, VoiceOver keeps jumping all over the page. Help please.

#9 Update on campus excitement

Well, the lost blind lady ploy didn't work, but I got to chat with my friend who works for campus police. He said they'd brought in 150 local police agencies. Some surround the performing arts center (it's called the Flint center) where the event is occurring. Others are on the roof of it and buildings nearby. There is one plane circling overhead and a myriad of helicopters. Some are police presence and others are the media. Wonder if they took a picture of my cute golden, earnestly trying to guide me inside a television van because he no doubt thought it was a paratransit vehicle. Yesterday, a plane was performing sky writing, advertising the event.
The guests all appear to be bused in. Lines of buses were coming through our main entrance, and another friend, watching out her window counted over thirty arriving, serially, as each has to pass security first. It's all very exciting!

#11 And I'm sure Apple is paying

And I'm sure Apple is paying for all the added security. NOT

#12 It's not you, it's our internet

After years of complaining about the poor quality of our college's internet, one of my inside sources in I.T. confirms that it indeed is having trouble keeping up with the Apple stream. Basically, most people are unable to watch the stream, both here and on the outside. So not to worry; it's not your iDevice or your browser. It's probably our inept routers!

#13 Apple Watch and iPhones!

Well with new features, devices, mobile pay, etc., most important the partnerships... Apple proves it's the innovator, not a half-assed copier! Great Event!

#14 archive

Club AppleVis Member

I wonder if they'll archive the event to hear later.

#15 Oh my goodness I want my apple watch.

The apple watch sounds amazing. It has more apple magic then I expected. Third party apps out of the gate. Thats a huge deal, the iphone did not have that when it came out. The thing where you can tap the watch and your contact will feel that. I really want that. there was actually a kick starter device that did that and only that and I almost found myself spending a hundred dollars for that one thing. Am I right that the watch has a speaker? I am pretty sure we heard that. Thats the most important thing for voice over users. If the watch has a speaker there is no reason for it not to have voice over. I'm sure there is no way of knowing right now but Shirley the apple watch is going to be accessible for day one. Oh my goodness I can't wait to get one.

#16 Apple Watch

Yes it has a speaker, it needs one to play music. Tim Cook has declared the importance of Accessibility. You can guarantee it will be accessible.

#17 I've read everything about the apple watch, and?...

I don't think i'll have much interest in the Apple watch. It sounds more like style over real substance to me. Remember, this is just for me personally...if we find out that it really is accessible and it's as revolutionary as people say it is, then it'll be a game changer. I simply can't see a use for it at the moment. The iphone 6 does look amazing though and I can't wait to get one when my upgrade is available. Trouble is that's not til March of next year, and I don't have enough cash to buy a new one ahead of time.

#18 I totally agree about the

I totally agree about the apple watch, I didn't catch all of the live stream, but to me it sounds like a toy for apple fanboys. even if the watch can have apps on realistically what will they be able to do with a small display and not really great resources for processor and memory? as far as I can see the watch will make you a bigger target for thieves which obviously isn't good for us. I will save my cash for the 6 plus, I wonder how much they will be off contract. playing devils advocate I suppose the taps for different directions might be useful but even so I doubt the watch will have a gps receiver, so I wonder if it gets that sort of data from the iPhone.

#19 I can understand not wanting the watch.

Even though I can't stand how much I want the apple watch I will agree that its a luxury that you don't have to have. Just think of having something like the pocket time iphone app on the watch. that way you just tap the screen and without any sound the watch vibrates the time to you. That would be sweet. Also with both the new iphone and the watch, payments have just gotten a whole lot more accessible for us.

#20 this is very true, as

this is very true, as although not having to sign for stuff is great with chip and pin you can never be sure the amount the card reader has been set to pay is correct.

#21 by the way.

Thanks Deborah Armstrong for the inside look at things. It was a really cool scoop, made me feel like we had insider info hear at apple vis. people don't steal apple products for the most part because of find my iphone. There is no reason to think the apple watch will be any different. I think your more likely to get a normal watch stolen.

#22 Yeh know more having to get someone to tell you where to sine.

Payments are going to be so much better from now on thanks to apple. I don't want the new phone so the watch is going to be my new credit card.

#23 So the question is ...

Club AppleVis Member

Will the new payments be available as part of iOS8 or do you have to have the new iPhone for them?

#24 new payments

you have to have something with a n f c chip to do the payments. So in other words you will need the new phone or the watch. There are good reasons for this.

#25 Apple Pay

With Apple Pay you need the new phone. It's hardware as well as software.
Apple Pay is a huge milestone in accessibility, just watch!
Heads are rolling today in the offices of Pay Pal and Square!

#26 NFC chip

Club AppleVis Member

I have something with an NFC chip. Oh wait, never mind, I'm thinking American Football. Hah.

#27 NFC is only good for US based

NFC is only good for US based customers, so not good for those of us outside at the moment. The rolling out of NFC reminds me a bit of how they have done that with iTunes radio, though we still don't have it in the UK, I am not bothered about that though, it would just be nice to have the option of using it. One thing I still can't visualise is the sizes of the different 6 models, I have a 5s, and I have read about the 5.5 inch 6 plus but can't visualise how much bigger it is than the 6 and 5s. I read the roundup of first impressions from mac rumours, that's worth a read. One thing I found quite interesting is the 1 handed mode for the iPhone 6 plus activated with a double tap on touch ID, I guess putting the phone into 1 handed mode probably helps save battery, as VoiceOver users don't really care how things look on the screen and flicking anywhere on the screen moves us around so 1 handed mode won't really affect us apart from to make the screen work less hard, because it shrinks all the icons to a smaller portion of the screen. in fact just thinking, they gave some nice stats on improved battery life with the plus, imagine what having screen curtain on will do for them.

#28 Is it only good for people in the U?S

I don't know anything about n f c, espcially what it looks like in other countries, but I have heard a lot about something called the "chip and pin" credit card system. I have heard that this is big in lots of places apart from America and I thought it had something to do with n f c, Maybe not.

#29 `

Here's one Apple fan with a sad and disappointed
For one, I was looking for Safire glass on the entire front facing. Ok, I can live without it, but, you know its coming and I might just wait for it.
For two, I was hoping for bigger and better batteries. Though, audio play back time is significant on the 6+, we are not talking about
a major improvement here in my view. Moreover, where is the wireless chargeing!!
For 3, this new tapered and slimmer phone has me wondering how good the built in speaker is going to perform. I noticed a slight loss in audio quality between my 5 & 5s and I certainly didn't read about any innovations regarding the power or quality of the new speaker array on the 6 or 6+. It bugs me to no end that apple started this whole craze with the IPod and music, but, as compared to other new hardware, they do nothing to improve the audio of the handset and holey crap man, don't get me started on the music player that I have to go into settings to adjust, it's a nasty bit of design there man LOL!
Don't get me wrong, I went from the Nokia and TALKS platform to apple and I do love my I Phones but, I see Apple tipping over the precipice of decline with Jobs having left this earth.

Here's hoping that IOS 8 restores my faith!
OH yeah, Apple would not let me stream the Key Note here in Canada. Yes, we have the most apple stores per capita in Canada, but, we can't stream the Key Note? I wonder if that was the same for China?

So. I got the I Phone 6 blues man...Rocker

#30 Comerce is a big part of this.

Not interested in anything apple put out. For one, my five works and until I upgrade, I'm not getting it yet. The watch, crazy amount of money to what, have a phone on your wrist? Sure it has some cool features, guiding you with taps on your wrist, glances, I'm not interested. Now i'm sure someone's gonna geek out on here buy the watch the day it comes out, or preordered the phone even though they have a year and a half left on your current contract. All the more power to you. i'll enjoy IOS 8 a bit disapointed nothing about os10 since they flipped their lids about continuity. I'm not bashing Apple just, until otherwise interested, I'll pass. P.s. I'm not saying anyone on here will do what i suggested, I do know crazy people like that, though.

#31 watch the watch

One thing I noticed was that the presenter said that you have to have an iPhone in order to use the watch. It is not a stand alone device. Although this is only conjecture on my part, I'm thinking that, maybe, the Voice-Over of the iPhone is what you will hear. I'm thinking that the speaker, if there is one, in the watch would not be enough of a speaker to put out enough sound for you to really hear when out in noisy environments.

#32 IOS8

Hello All: I was a little shocked that we'd have to wait for ios 8 until the 17th. I figured that we'd have to wait at most a day or 2.
i sure think its going to be a great release however, and I really look forward to third-party keyboard support.

#33 Is thinner really better?

Club AppleVis Member

This was brought up in a few places, and I wholeheartedly agree. Apple loves to make their products nice and thin, but I don't really want that. There are two big disadvantages to making the device thinner.

First, you get worse battery life than what would be possible in a thicker unit. I know Apple keeps managing to keep the battery life about the same, or improving it slightly, with each new generation, but I can only imagine what kind of battery performance we could get if they didn't make the unit so unnaturally thin and put in a bigger battery.

Second, as stated in an earlier post, the audio quality suffers from thinness. I know a lot of people have Bluetooth headsets and other external speakers, including myself, but it would be so nice if we could have decent audio fidelity without the need for something external. A thicker device would make better quality speakers more practical.

Are people really that interested in how paper-thin their gadgets can get? They're already thin enough, so please don't make it thinner just because you can.

That's really my only criticism with Apple's new product design, and it applies to other devices in their lineup, not just the new iPhones.

#34 Responding to tree, chip and

Responding to tree, chip and pin isn't the same as NFC, basically in the UK and other countries chip and pin has replaced the need for signing when you pay with a card. The way it works is that you say you want to pay with a card, and they bring you a machine which your card is slotted into, the person behind the counter then sets the machine to pay whatever it is you need to pay, and you enter a 4 digit pin number on a telephone style keypad. It has made paying for stuff so much easier because I can never keep a consistent signature although I never really had problems with shops rejecting it before I signed for stuff, it was obviously also difficult to get it in the right place on the paper. Now what we do have in some parts of the UK though not all is something called contactless payments, this is where you don't even have to get your card out of your purse or wallet, instead you can wave your purse over a sensor and use it to pay for goods up to the value of £10. I have heard of cases though where people have been far from the counter and not even taken there purse from there bag and the payments being triggered. Contactless payments are mostly only common in London, and personally I wouldn't choose to use them either because there have been a lot of scare stories about cards being hacked or people paying with the wrong card for things or in worse cases paying for someone elses stuff. Note I said I wouldn't choose to use contactless cards, but apples nfc might be a different thing, depending how widespread it becomes and how making a payment with it physically works, also the other thing with contactless cards is that in theory they could be used to track your location because they are sending out some kind of signal I believe.

#35 battery

A comment regarding battery life and the thickness of the size of the device.
To the person that commented dying that battery life is not exactly accurate.
Batteries have come a long way and are now smaller than ever. Just because a device is thicker and bigger doesn't mean a longer battery life.
I do agree with the comment regarding audio quality. Other more high end phone manufactures have added stereo speakers on their phones. I'm extremely curious as to when apple is planning on adding stereo speakers on the iPhone.

#36 NFC

I can only assume for now, but I just grabged a blue tooth 4.0 speaker with NFC from amazon and I I think it will allow for easier device pairing. So, NFC should potentially have more value on the IPhone 6 than just mobile payments.