Announcing our most Predictable Editorial Team Pick of the Month to Date

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Each month the AppleVis Editorial Team sit down at our virtual conference table and decide which of the apps submitted to the site during that month should be our monthly pick ... and boy, was it a tough decision this month!

Lots of great apps were featured on AppleVis in July, and a number of those stimulated a lot of discussion, some of which was quite heated.

We tried hard not to be predictable with our choice, but we ultimately had to accept that Fleksy was without doubt the most significant app to hit this site in July. Although its functionality, usefulness, potential and pricing were all subjects of much debate, there is no getting away from the fact that it brought something totally new to the iOS platform and that many of you absolutely love it.

So, accepting that we are predictable and that some of you will be saying that you've already heard more than enough about this app, we are still pleased to announce that Fleksy - Happy Typing is our pick of the month for July.

As we said, it has brought something totally new to iOS. It's not the easiest of concepts to explain to people who aren't familiar with it, but it's clear that a lot of you have found this a great way to input text on your iDevice and that for some it has even removed the need for a bluetooth keyboard. The team at Fleksy has shown a strong commitment to making this app even more useful, so it's going to be extremely interesting to see how it evolves over the coming months and years.

Also worth an honorable mention this month is TextDetective, an OCR scanning application developed specifically for the vision-impaired. Like all other apps of its type, the results are often effected by factors outside of its control, such as the quality of the hardware and the lighting. However, many experienced users are saying that this is the most usable and accurate OCR app currently available. Again, this will be another app to watch with interest over coming months and updates.

Among the other apps that impressed us this month were Fahrenheit Free - Weather and Temperature on your home Screen, BBC Olympics, MenuWeather, iLike2ReadPro and Orange Tree.

Be sure to post a comment to let us know which were your favorite apps from July, especially if you think we've got it wrong with our choice!

We hope that our decision will be just as difficult next month, so make sure to share all the new and interesting apps that you find during your travels through the iOS and Mac App Stores.

Remember, each new app directory entry, podcast or guide that you post increases your chances of winning our monthly iTunes gift card giveaway. This month's winner was Cathy from Virginia. Congratulations to you, and we hope that you have fun spending your $20.



Submitted by TJT 2001 on Friday, April 8, 2016

I was looking back into the depths of the AppleVis website. As I read this, I could not help but imagining the trouble that Fleksy caused in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Such an accessible app went to very inaccessible. And the "most accurate" OCR app is not even talked about anymore.