All of the News from Apple's October Special Event

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Below is a list of the major highlights from today's Apple Special Event keynote, compiled from the twitter feed of AppleVis and other sources as linked to on this page.


- 9,000,000 iPhone were sold the first weekend of new iPhone release making it the largest ever sold by Apple
- 64% of supported devices now are on iOS 7
- 20,000,000 users are now using iTunes Radio
- There are now over 1 million Apps in the App Store with over 50 Billion downloads
- Tim Cook at iPad event: 64% of iOS devices on iOS 7, 20 million iTunes Radio listeners, 1 billion songs played, 1 million apps


- Mavericks will improve battery life of portable Macs and offers more efficient use of - memory
- enhancements in Mavericks include easier link sharing, improved notifications, tabs in Finder
- calendar in Mavericks will be far smarter with better integration with other apps such as Apple Maps
- Mavericks upgrade to be free and available to any compatible Mac.
- Apple Launches OS X Mavericks, Now Available for Free

MacBook Pro

- 13 inch Macbook Pro thinner, lighter and faster. New generation of Intel processor.
- 13 inch Macbook Pro has improved wi-fi and Thunderbolt 2.
- 13 inch Macbook Pro pricing starts at $1299.
- Apple announces thinner, lighter 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display; battery life, Thunderbolt 2
- 15 inch Macbook Pro has improved processor and graphics. Upto 8 hours of battery life. Faster flash memory
- 15 inch Macbook Pro pricing starts at $1999
- Apple launches new 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro: Thunderbolt 2, new Graphics, better battery life

Mac Pro

- Mac Pro pricing to start at $2999. To be available before end of the year and made fully in the US.
- Apple offers details on the new Mac Pro


- updates to the iWork suite of apps. New looks and new features
- desktop and iOS versions of iWork apps now working more closely together courtesy of iCloud
- some features of GarageBand will now require an in-app purchase
- iWork apps to be free with any purchase of a new Mac or iDevice
- new versions of iWork apps to be available today
- new versions of iLife and iWork apps to be available today and to be free
- Apple Announces Updates To Pages, Numbers And Keynote


- 170 million iPads have now been sold
- Over 475,000 iPad only Apps are now in the App Store

iPad Air

- thinner, lighter and more powerful iPad. Now to be known as the iPad Air.
- new iPad Air weighs just 1 pound. The lightest tablet of this size in the market
- new iPad Air has new A7 chip. Same as in the iPhone 5s
- new iPad Air has faster wi-fi, better camera and dual microphones.
- iPad Air pricing to start at $499. iPad 2 to still be available as the entry level iPad.
- Apple Officially Announces The iPad Air

iPad Mini

- new iPad Mini gets Retina display
- new iPad Mini gets the A7 processor seen in the iPad Air and iPhone 5s
- 4 times more powerful and 8 times more powerful graphics
- new iPad Mini gets 5MP camera.
- new iPad Mini pricing to start at $399. Available in November. Previous iPad Mini to remain available, but new price of $299
- new covers and cases for the iPads. $79 for iPad Air. $69 for iPad Mini
- Here Comes Apple’s iPad mini With Retina Display

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