Addressing LookTel Breadcrumbs GPS app launch delay

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team
Just recieved this news straight from the Looktel PR department and they wanted me to pass this along to you all. We will have to wait a bit longer for the Looktel Breadcrumbs but there are great news about the updates on the MoneyReader and the Recognizer! Can't wait for those updates! So here is what the Looktel PR folks had to say: "Our legal team has advised us against releasing Breadcrumbs GPS until they have been able to fully vet and evaluate the application. Breadcrumbs GPS has been undergoing this process, and will be released once the recommended liability procedures are in place. Meanwhile, LookTel is focusing on releasing an update for Money Reader as well as Recognizer. LookTel Money Reader will receive as many as 15 new supported currencies from around the world. The Recognizer update will include text description labeling, sharing of individual items, and performance improvements. Thanks for your patience!"