The Accessibility Bugs in iOS 9: From Serious To Minor

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Detailed in this post are possible accessibility-related bugs which members of the AppleVis Editorial Team have identified during their testing of iOS 9. If you have not already updated your device to iOS 9, we strongly recommend that you read through this post and any comments before doing so, as we believe that there are some new bugs in this release which might have a negative impact on the user experience for some blind and low vision users.

As always, we do need to stress at the offset that our testing of iOS 9 has been somewhat limited. We are only a small team, and in most cases have only installed and used iOS 9 on a single device. Also, some of the bugs listed have not been encountered by all members of the Team. So, please bear in mind that it is possible that problems mentioned below will not be present on all devices or in all use cases. It is also possible that, in some instances, we are simply mistaken or that there are additional issues which we did not identify in our testing. Accordingly, we would really appreciate feedback from those who have installed iOS 9--to confirm whether they are encountering the same problems (or have found workarounds), as well as to let us know of any additional issues that are not on this list. Of course, it’s even more important that you let Apple know of any additional bugs that you find (they already know about the ones currently listed here). This post explains why you should report bugs directly to Apple, as well as the best ways to do so.

With all of the disclaimers out of the way, here are the problems that we have encountered to date. For this release, we have grouped them based upon what we believe to be there likely level of impact to the user experience:

Serious Bugs

  1. When receiving a phone call, the iPhone will occasionally become unresponsive. VoiceOver does not speak, and you cannot navigate around the screen to see who is calling or choose any options. This has happened when the phone is both muted or unmuted, and often happens to one user when using bluetooth audio. When this problem presents itself, it is not possible to answer the call. However, it is not something that occurs every time you receive a call. For example, one of our Team typically receives about 20 calls each day, but may only experience this problem once or twice in a week.
  2. If you enable both VoiceOver and Zoom at the same time, VoiceOver gestures and the rotor may not work, and VoiceOver may not focus correctly. We believe it may be related to having a very high magnification setting on some devices. Some of the Team have not been able to reproduce this particular issue, so it may be the result of a specific combination of settings or use case.

Moderate Bugs

  1. Braille displays will disconnect if you are in Airplane mode and have re-enabled bluetooth. The display will work normally until the screen is locked; when you unlock the screen, you will find that your Braille display does nothing and needs to be reconnected.
  2. When using the Smart Beetle display from HIMS, while the display is supported, key mapping is not done correctly. For example, pressing f4 takes you to the home screen, which is supposed to be the function of f2. Pressing f2 will activate the eject key, which is supposed to be the function of f4. This can be verified by pressing space with K to launch VoiceOver help and pressing the keys as described above.
  3. The VoiceOver Actions rotor now includes a new tool for text selection. This may take some learning, and there appear to be some inconsistencies in its behaviour and use (particularly between static text and text that you are editing and wish to select text located to the left of the VoiceOver cursor). At this point, it is unclear whether this new tool should be considered as still being a ‘work in progress’, or whether Apple would say that it works as designed.
  4. In Safari and Chrome (and possibly other web browsers), you may find that the behaviour of VoiceOver when trying to enter text in text fields is inconsistent/misleading in some cases. Using either the onscreen keyboard or Braille Screen input, the feedback from VoiceOver may suggest that text is not being input and that the field is empty. However, the text may in fact have been entered. One place where we have seen this is in the Search field on AppleVis, where VoiceOver appears to indicate that no text has been entered--but actually completing the search proves otherwise.
  5. When sending an email in the Mail app, the device becomes unresponsive for 10 to 30 seconds. This appears to only happen when you send after replying to an email, not when sending after composing a new message.
  6. In the News app that’s new in iOS 9, a 2-finger swipe down (to have VoiceOver ‘read all’) inside a story will sometimes cause VoiceOver to crash and restart.
  7. If you have notifications set to be grouped by day in the Notifications Center, there may be inconsistencies in the behavior of the ‘Clear Section’ and ‘Confirm Clear Section’ buttons when there are notifications for multiple days on this screen. These can prevent you from clearing notifications. Some of the Team have not been able to reproduce this, so it may be the result of a specific combination of settings or use case.
  8. VoiceOver becomes unresponsive after initiating a new recording in Voice Memos. Some of the Team have not been able to reproduce this, so it may be the result of a specific combination of settings or use case.
  9. If you are using a bluetooth device and VoiceOver is turned off or crashes, you may find that you need to reconnect your audio device before VoiceOver will once again use it for output. Bluetooth devices also disconnect when other audio controls are activated such as the VoiceOver Rotor ‘Audio Ducking’ and ‘Audio Destination’.

Minor Bugs

  1. On the new Proactive Search screen, there is a row of 4 icons at the top of the list of ‘Siri Suggestions’ which is announced by VoiceOver as a single unlabeled button which does nothing when double-tapped. These icons are selected/favorite contacts. When VoiceOver is disabled, tapping on 1 of these icons will result in various contact options being displayed (phone, message, etc.), which you can then choose from. Some of the Team have not been able to reproduce this. For them, VoiceOver correctly locates and announces the contacts and the VoiceOver rotor can be used to access the options for contacting them. So, this behaviour may be the result of a specific combination of settings or use case.
  2. When you attach a file to a new email, VoiceOver does not provide any feedback as to where the file is in the message as you review the text using rotor navigation. Touching the "body" field will speak the attachment name, but only after reading the entire content of the body. You can, however, locate the attached file by touch if you first touch outside of the body field and then slide your finger around the screen.
  3. In the Mail app, VoiceOver no longer reports how many messages are in a thread when you touch or delete it. Instead of "x messages in thread," you hear "multiple messages in thread."
  4. In the Mail app, the label for the search field is no longer hidden to VoiceOver. Swiping right from the Edit button now says "Search, search text field" as normal, but another swipe causes VoiceOver to say "Search" again. Double tapping either the field or the "Search" label will activate the field.
  5. In the News app that’s new in iOS 9, the suggested channels and topics on the ‘Explore’ tab are displayed in horizontal scrolling bars. When you flick up/down on the screen element that allows you to scroll through this, you will need to locate the scroll bar by touch to see the suggestions which have just scrolled into display. If you swipe into this bar, you will go to either the first suggestion on the first page or the last suggestion on the last page.
  6. When adding a new event to the Calendar app, the names in the list of calendars that you can select to add the event have some extraneous text (the calendar name followed by something like "png, clear, crisp, image").
  7. During a phone call, showing or hiding the keypad works, but VoiceOver doesn't recognize that until you touch the screen. If you have the keypad visible and double-tap the button to hide it, then swipe left, you swipe through the keypad. If you instead touch the screen to explore it, VoiceOver reports what it should have all along--that the keypad is gone. The same happens in reverse when you show the keypad again.
  8. If you use Siri voices with VoiceOver, performance is rather sluggish in some situations - noticeably more so than using the Samantha or Alex voices. In particular, the Enhanced Quality voices exhibit more sluggishness than do the Default Quality voices. The Samantha and Alex voices appear to be largely unaffected and work as previously.
  9. There are some inconsistencies of behavior when switching voices in VoiceOver settings > Speech which can result in VoiceOver not automatically switching to your new selection. You may need to use the language rotor to force the switch or select a different voice and then reselect your first choice.
  10. In iOS 9 on an iPad, the Command key on a bluetooth keyboard shows all possible keyboard shortcuts. However, this feature appears to not work with VoiceOver, as no additional information or feedback is given when the Command key is pressed.
  11. When in the Notification Center, you can swipe left into the Status Bar. For consistency across the OS, this should not happen.
  12. Using the ‘Audio Destination’ option in the VoiceOver Actions rotor can cause bluetooth headsets to be disconnected and the rotor option to become hidden. Whilst this may be the way that this is designed to work, it would be better if the headset were to remain connected and the action could be used to change audio back from the iOS device to the headset without the need to reconnect.

Bug Fixes

As with most major iOS updates, there are also a number of accessibility-related fixes for existing bugs. Here is the list of bugs that we believe to have been fixed in iOS 9.

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Re: Siri sounds

The ars technica iOS 9 review says that Siri has been redesigned to look a lot like the one in apple watch or even the upcoming TV OS, and this includes the feedback change. For devices that can vibrate, you get 2 short vibrations and for iPods and iPads siri still dings. Except when you have VoiceOver on. I'd actually prefer if you'd just get the haptic feedback, even with VoiceOver on, or better yet make it configurable like you said.

siri vibration

Yes, Siri vibrating the phone is a new feature, however with that being said in the first 2 versions of the ios9 beta it also vibrated regardless if vo was on or off.

Audio ducking

When I was running IOS8 Audio ducking gave me a lot of problems. Now with IOS9, its working beautifully as far as I can tell. I'm also happy that we can use the Serie voices as system voices. I haven't noticed much problems, haven't played with it completely but I believe IOS9 will be a success and I think that apart from a few bugs, apple has done a great job. Very pleased so far.

phone call answering bug

Hey guys. Wondering how bad the phone call answering bug is when it does happen. As in ... let's say I double tap to try to answer the call, or try to navigate on the screen, and VO is just not working out. After the phone is done ringing, does VO come back so I can call the person back, or is it a phone crash that is difficult to rebound from? Thanks a bunch to all of you guys for reporting all of these things so thoroughly every year.

RE: Phone Bug

Club AppleVis Member

When my phone rings, Voiceover basically stops speaking. There is no way to check to see who is calling or to choose an option regarding the call. IF I do a double tap on the screen, or click the answer button on my headphones if they are plugged in, the call is answered. I just don't know who is calling which is very annoying. Fortunately, I have not had the bug where the audio quality distorts, even after the phone call has ended. I think it's a hit or miss with each individual device.

Regarding audio ducking

As far as I can tell after only a little while, audio ducking works fine for me when I am using my iPhone's built-in speaker or the earpods that came with the phone: however, as I already said, my bluetooth speaker turns itself off when I flick down to change audio ducking in the rotor. Luckily it's very rare that I turn audio ducking off while using my bluetooth speaker, so the bug where turning audio ducking off also turns the speaker off isn't a huge annoyance.

IOS 9 Bug

System seems to be very stable but I have a few issues not mentioned here:

Audio Ducking:
Audio Ducking doesn't work predictable anymore. This problem already existed in IOS 8. Sometimes I play a podcast and then touch something on the screen. The volume of the podcast decreases which is correct. But the volume doesn't increase back to its original level after VO finishes talking. This also might happen when I preview iTunes stuff. Sometimes i play an album and suddenly it gets louder cause audio ducking got stuck during a song and starts working correctly when switching to the next song.

Two finger double tap to play / pause songs:
This feature doesn't work in iTunes anymore. When I preview a song I have to listen to the whole thing or go back into iTunes and click on the song. In earlier versions I was able to pause the preview like an usual song by taping the display twice with two fingers.

Bluetooth keyboard problem:
I guess this is a bug. Typing and navigating on the iPad Air 2 (IOS 9) by using my Belkin keyboard works but VoiceOver doesn't read anything in some apps such as Notes. On the iPhone I can't reproduce this issue. I created a thread:
This is quite bad cause I often use my bluetooth keyboard with the iPad.

braille screen input and the passcode field on the lock screen

Hello everyone my subject pretty much says it all. I am still using an iPhone 5, but not for long, I've sense ordered a 6S, I'm having an issue where when I go to enter my iPhones passcode after unlocking upon putting the phone into BSI, it seems to not allow me to put in the passcode after I enter a few letters as usual, it vibrates and they says wrong passcode as is I flicked right with two fingers to invoke the return or done button. there fore, I have to enter the passcode using the apple keyboard. anyone else had tis issue? a bit frustrating sense I have a rather long passcode and no touch ID yet.

First impressions of iOS 9

Well, I finally pulled the trigger and updated to 9 just a few minutes ago. So far, all is well. I did notice a very, very sslight bug with sounds from 3rd party apps like someone mentioned yesterday. There are times when they'll play, but other times they won't. It particularly happens if VoiceOver is talking. But if VoiceOver is quiet, they'll play, and VoiceOver reads whatever the alert is. It's very smooth so far, I'm a huge fan.

RE: Strange speech anomaly

I had the same issue last night, but this morning it fixed itself. I believe it must have downloaded an updated version of the voice while my phone was on charge over night.

Podcast stations issue

Over all I am very satisfied with the IOS 9 update. In my experience it has been the first major stable IOS update in at least two years. I am, however, experiencing one issue that I have not seen mentioned, so I thought I would see if anyone had any suggestions about it.

I use stations a lot in the podcast app. When I try and go into the settings of one of my stations all of the options are not available. I basically can't change any setting, and sometimes I can't even get into the settings of a station at all.

Other then this I like the changes I have seen so far in the podcast app. its a super important app to me, since I do a majority of my listening in iTunes on the Mac, and I need to have everything sinked up in my giant podcast library.

Caught the phone answer bug

Well, I got caught by the dreaded phone answer bug just a few minutes ago. I was able to successfully answer the call, but then the call when to my speakerphone, and I had to have them call me to get the call to go back to normal. The second time, it worked perfectly. I wasn't even using headphones either. It's not a show stopper, but it is a real pain in the ass. I will definitely be writing to Apple Accessibility, and letting them know that this occurred, and as best as I can, describe what happened.

Audio Destination and Cap X

Club AppleVis Member

Two comments for now, but I may have more later after I have more time to play with iOS 9.

To the one who is wondering what the new Audio Destination feature is, it is a new rotor option that appears when using AirPlay. It lets you choose between default, meaning VoiceOver speaks through the built-in speaker, and external, meaning VoiceOver is routed to the AirPlay speaker. Unfortunately, AirPlay has a high latency, so having VoiceOver output on the AirPlay speaker is not practical.

The Audio Destination option also appears when connected to Bluetooth, but I believe that is a bug, since VoiceOver is always routed to the Bluetooth speaker. Trying to change this setting while connected to Bluetooth causes the speaker to go quiet, and all audio returns to the built-in speaker. The Audio Destination option then disappears from the rotor because nothing is being output externally. You can fix this by going into Control Center and selecting the Bluetooth speaker from the AirPlay menu.

Another side-effect of the new Audio Destination feature is that, when AirPlay is active, toggling VoiceOver off and back on causes the audio destination to change, so if VoiceOver was on the built-in speaker, turning it off and back on causes it to go to the external speaker and vice versa. I don't know if this is a bug or not, since I can see a situation where someone may get stuck with no audio if VoiceOver is being routed to a speaker in another room, or to one that is turned down or powered off, so Apple may have wanted to provide a way to change the routing without relying on speech.

My other comment is about VoiceOver saying Cap Capital X. That is not happening for me; VoiceOver just says Cap X. That may be because I am using the Alex voice. I haven't tried other voices.

Hi my issue is th calender

Hi my issue is th calender being spelt weird and having dollar signs in its name and other odd charachters
Also my roter should be set to headings but keeps forgetting this selection
Some aps have lost the way to navigate by headings
Any thoughts

Think I'll Wait

Having read the sorts of bugs people are finding, and especially the phone answering one, I'm going to hold off updating to IOS 9 for now. I waited until IOS 8.3 before I updated last time, so the fact that this release isn't as bad as 8.0 isn't much of an encouragement to me, since it took three more releases before I felt it was functional enough last time. Many of the moderate and minor bugs reported are the sort of thing that will hit me all day, every day, which just becomes unpleasant after a while. And since Apple have withheld the Apple Watch O|S update for a while, I may as well wait for both to be fixed before I move on.

Screen brightness change after upgrade

Member of the AppleVis Blog Team

Low vision users may be unpleasantly surprised to find that the screen brightness is modified during the upgrade to iOS 9. I typically keep my screen brightness set around 80% or 90% to make the screen easier to see. After the upgrade, the screen brightness has been changed to 32%. I imagine it's possible that this is a feature related to the energy efficiency feature in iOS 9. However, I noticed the same issue with the iOS 8.0 upgrade, and iOS 8.0 didn't contain any such battery life features, so I suspect this is actually a bug in the upgrade process. FYI, this is with an iPhone 5.

Enhanced Voices

When I upgraded to IOS9, the enhanced voices had downgraded to default compact. How can I get the enhanced quality voices back without having to downgrade to IOS8.4.1?

Bug or feature?

I'm not sure if this is a bug or feature but after upgrading to IOS9, when I went to dictate a new message, voice over began repeating what I dictated almost as I was saying it. It was as if Voice Over was reading what Siri was inputting to the message in real time. It was great and I managed to achieve this in several messages but once I left messages I've never been able to do it again and Voice Over went back to it's normal way of working i.e. it reads what you have said once you end dictation. I really do hope the bug or feature is how Voice Over and dictation will work as it meant I knew what Siri had understood as I was dictating so could stop if necessary. Siri didn't seem to be confused by the voice over speech and didn't think it was dictation at all. Anyone else experienced this?

Voices sound very muffled to me

I haven't seen anyone else comment on this, so perhaps it's just my setup. Voiceover sounds muffled no matter what I change it to. Every voice on my phone sounds a little muffled or garbled. When I listened to Anonymouse's podcast they sounded fine on his end. But on my phone they don't.

Exiting from Web Pages...

Please be patient, this is my first post with you guys!
Since downloading iOS 9, I've found it impossible to close an open Web Page. Typically, when closing the page, I double tap Pages, then swipe right to "Exit XXXX, (XXXX being the name of the Web Page), and I am then returned to Safari. As of now when I select "Pages', and swipe right, the Web Page is there, but the "Exit XXXX is NOT!
When reading the Accessibility Bug in iOS 9, I was certain I would see this problem under Severe Bugs, if anyone has seen this or I'm missing a setting, PLEASE let me know!
Thanks, Blind Guy

Use Custom Actions in the Rotor to Exit Webpages

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

In iOS 9, you now exit webpages using the "Actions" rotor item. Once you find the webpage you want to close, turn your rotor to "Actions," flick down to "Close Tab," and double-tap.

Spotlight and proactive search

I notice a three finger swipe down and the three finger flick right both say spotlight search. I thought the three finger flick right on the home screen was the proactive search. How do I enable it? I also found an annoying problem in the messages ap. If I go to send a message through an ap like uber, I can't flick right past the phone number in the contacts field. Anyone have any suggestions?

another mail bug

hi guys. i've only upgraded my iPad mini 2 to iOS 9 so far, but so far, so good. most, if not all things seem to be working well. a small bug i've found in the mail app though.
when pulling down with three fingers to refresh and get the new emails, it keeps atempting to say refreshing, i sometimes hhear the reh bit, but then it's overtaken by it repeteing the fact that i'm at the 1 of x lines.
anoying, not a major problem. but sure is anoying when you're atempting to refresh, and it keeps saying you're at the top. lol

a few more ios 9 observations

Good evening, all. Now that I've used IOS 9 for a day, I've observed a couple of new issues. Still nothing even remotely serious, but some weirdness all the same. I'm guessing this one is an actual layout change in IOS, but the app switcher appears to be completely backwards from the way it used to be. In other words, instead of home being on the far left, it now seems to be on the far right.
The second thing I've noticed is that VO doesn't seem to indicate if I have new text messages when I touch the messages icon. It used to say something like "messages, one new message" but now there's nothing like that.
Next is probably a bug with Diceworld, but it didn't crop up until IOS 9, so I'll list it here. When I win a game, I typically post a private fb post so that I get the gold bonus but don't spam anyone. When I won a game today and chose to post to facebook, it wanted me to solve a capcia, claiming that the link I was wanting to post may be harmful. The gold bonus isn't that important to me, so I just backed out and went on with life, but it was weird.
Finally, I'm disappointed to learn that VO's inability to correctly recognize a group of radio buttons is still present. I'm more or less used to it now, and everything functions as expected, but it still frustrates me that all radio buttons say "one of one" rather than indicating where they are in a list; something like "two of four" would be far more informative, IMO.

Still, I'm over-all satisfied with IOS 9, although it's clear that there are a few changes I'll just have to learn to live with.

I'm still enjoying this thread; as always, I find it highly informative.

Something weird I noticed when using the new Siri voice

Has anyone noticed that there is a delay when you do anything with the female Siri voice used for the voiceover voice? I've noticed that the voiceover sound will play but it takes a little longer for the actual speech to be spoken.

Maybe a bug?

Not sure if this is a bug or feature, or if it's new to iOS 9 , and I never noticed. When I plug a pair of earphones, the lock screen appears, and Voiceover reads the time.

Not a bug

The lock scurry appearing when headphones are plugged in is part of the new proactive Feature introduced.

Stumbled onto a quicker way

Little quicker way, you double tap on pages, then listed to the right of (done)are all the pages that you have open, then you simply swipe up on the page you want to exit! Thanks for your reply.

Clipped Speech

I am getting clipped speech in several places. For example, when the screen automatically locks, I often here "creen locked." It's not a show stopper, but it's a lack of polish I don't expect. I hear it in a bunch of places.

Otherwise, I'm quite happy with it.

Audio ducking getting stucking

This is still a bug, when there is a second audio feed and voice over is running, I'm using alex on a 6, often the volume of the second audio doesn't come back up, for example if I'm using audible or listening to music. It's like it's ducked itself... If you forgive the term, but has failed to unduck itself.

More observations

Club AppleVis Member

First, regarding audio ducking. I have found one situation where audio ducking doesn't work right where it worked just fine in iOS 8. Specifically, if you use a two-finger tap to pause VoiceOver speech, the audio being ducked will remain ducked. If you repeat the gesture and let VoiceOver finish, the audio will return to normal afterward.

Annoying, but better than having to turn VoiceOver off and back on to get the ducking feature working again. At least I haven't had to do that yet.

I also ran into a bug in Downcast, though I don't know if this was caused by the Downcast update from yesterday, the iOS update, or both. When playing an episode in Downcast, it does not show up in the Control Center. This effectively means that you have to use the controls within the app itself to control playback. Other methods, such as the magic tap gesture or Bluetooth controls, don't work.

On the iPad home screen, it is normally possible to be in either landscape or portrait mode. However, since upgrading to iOS 9, the home screen does not switch between the two modes as I rotate the screen. If I switch between pages on the home screen, the orientation will change as I switch pages, but that is all. Probably not related to VoiceOver, but it is something I noticed nonetheless.

I have VoiceOver sound effects enabled, and one such sound effect is a clicking sound which occurs when you double-tap something. Under iOS 9, if AirPlay is enabled, this sound does not play at all. Other VoiceOver sounds will play, but not the clicking sound. Once AirPlay is turned off, the sound comes back.

I also had VoiceOver audio become quieter when enabling AirPlay, then return to normal when turning AirPlay back off. I only had this happen once and have not been able to reproduce it since, and I tried multiple times while testing the click sound bug mentioned above.

A lot of little things, but nothing big. The only issue above that is a major issue for me is the one involving Downcast, and that may not be Apple's fault.

router bug

Against my better judgement (because for some reason it took me about eight hours to download over ADSL2), I found a minor VO bug straight away. The VO router keeps defaulting to characters even though I have mine focused on speech rate. I thought it may ahve been every time I unlocked the phone when the settings didn't save but it must be when I move around my phone or go into an app.
Anyone else found this?

audio ducking and other things mentioned

I did seem to find what I think is an audio ducking issue that was mentioned, I notice with my ringtone on incoming calls, when the caller id speaks, my ringtone does not always return back to the set volume level. Also someone posted about voiceover clicks and airplay. I'm not using airplay, however I've noticed with a Bluetooth speaker sometimes the clicks will disappear and I have to turn vo off and back on again.

Zoom feature isn't working properly

i noticed that there was no mention on thisartucle regarding the zoo feature
i know many people here are using voice over
in my case i have been using zoom of the accessibility features in iOS for many years almost since day one
its very laggy in iOS 9 and sometimes its not activated with the three finger gesture
i have use the control switch shortcut to actually increase manually suing the slider and then move around the area i want magnified
this is a workaround but not what i had so many years now
i have striated a topic in the apple discussion forums and if i may post the link for anyone that uses this feature to real,y to the topic because i know for sure that some people from apple are watching these thread
a serious bug in my opinion that almost makes my devices very difficult to use

the topic can be found here

Loading desktop site in safari

I am not able to load desktops sites in safari anymore. I used to be able to double tap on the address bar and flick right to load desktop site, but this option is not showing up since upgrading to Ios 9. Does anyone know how to get to this option?

Not impressed

I am so not upgrading to the latest OS. I don't find anything very impressive on the new release to motivate me to upgrade. I really wish they would give us some features which would also help the mainstream community of users. Like for example, there is no way yet that one can delete all the email they have in the inbox or the sent items. In the control center, we have an option to on/off WiFi but no option to on/off Cellular Data. One must go through settings to do that, really a pain and a time consuming job. Where did the shake to change music track feature go? I think it was a pretty neat feature for all music enthusiasts.

Hmm odd I don't have that

Hmm odd I don't have that issue. and I didn''t see a tweet about it. Try a hard reboot of your phone. Hold down home and sleep for about 15 seconds. I hate using this method but i have had to use this to resolve odd issues that go away afterwords.

Concerning voices

Like a previous poster, I noticed that the enhanced voices I had before have disappeared: however, I also noticed, when going into Voices in the Accessibility settings to change my UK English voice, that the word Download appeared next to the names of enhanced voices instead of "using x megabytes", so if you want enhanced voices under IOS 9 you need to re-download those. You may have read earlier in this thread that I was unable to change my UK English voice from Daniel to the male UK Siri voice: now I can tell you the good news that I managed to change UK English voice successfully yesterday evening, although I can't tell you what exactly happened which made it work this time. I've heard talk of lagging when using the Siri voices with VoiceOver, but I haven't noticed that with the UK male Siri voice: maybe it makes a difference that I'm using an iPhone 6 which is more powerful than older models.

Tried That

I tried to do that – change the voices back to enhanced in the settings, but I didn't get any kind of download button after selecting the voices.

new siri voices mispronounce varification in thevarication ID SC

Club AppleVis Member

the new siri VoiceOver voices mispronounce the word varification in the apple ID varification screen. this screen you get if you have problems with your apple ID, and need to verify it to try to fix it. this is extremely bad for people who are learning English and depend on VoiceOver for one way of checking pronounseation, and also heavily disconcerting for native English speeking VoiceOver users. hope this is fixt in a future iOS update. Daniel

Possible bug, opening attachments in Mail

Have any of you had any issues opening attachments in Mail? A hour or so back I recieved a email with 2 PDF attachments, the first time I opened and read both just fine, as fine as a PDF can be read with VO. But later when I whent back and wanted to open one of the attachments again it wouldn't open. I navigate to the file and VO says XYZ.PDF button, then I double tap but nothing happens, it doesn't open. Just to double check and confirm this, I also did the same and found the same result with a different email and attachment. Oh and it's on a iPhone 6

voiceover sounds not working completely

I have encountered a strange bug with voiceover's sounds. I think it is one, since I have a friend who just updated and her sounds work well. Every voiceover sound works well for me, except the initial click noise when I double tap on an item. I didn't think it was a huge deal, but I am a bit disappointed, because I now know that it isn't something that was meant to happen in IOS 9. Does anyone have any suggestions?


a bug with the app switcher?

I found another thing. In iOS 8, and in 7 as I recall as well, when you were flicking through your apps in the app switcher, you'd hear things like "Messages, 3 new items, running", "Trivia crack, 1 new item, running", etc. Now running may have come before the new items I don't recall and it's not overly important. The thing is, now it just says "Messages, active" and "Trivia Crack, active". I know, because of lock screen notifications, that these should have new items in them. Having the notification of those new items in the app switcher was a huge help to me, as that's my primary method of moving back and forth between my frequently used apps. Anybody else having this issue/know of a way to bring back those notifications in app switcher?

Voiceover gets the hicups and stuttering fits

I have to support Tunehead's observartions about voiceover breaking up and temporarily hanging during Phone calls. It happened to me while solving an unrelated problem with the as usual outstanding support by the Apple disability service. I was trying to repair an account issue using my only phone, my 5C. Swiping around to locate the various fields I needed to complete often killed voiceover as well as causing breakups in our conversation. When voiceover finally decided to cooperate, I had to swipe carefully to keep all voices from braking up again, rather than attacking my screen in the usual manner.

And, with apologies to Tunehead, that chosen handle brought to mind Archy Bunker and Meathead.

To answer Terra's question

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@Terra, if you are looking to find the desktop site, you need to go to the bottom of your screen in Safari to where it says "share". According to the podcast I heard, if you then flick right through the share options, one of them is "request desktop site." Hope this helps.

Not a fan of Proactive

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I am not a fan of having a computer attempt to do my thinking for me. I do not like the idea of plugging in hedphones, only for my phone to wake up and eagerly suggest listening to Voice Dream Reader or the music app, like an eager puppy trying to please. I understand you can't disable Proactive completely, but I have found a couple of things that can be done. First, I went into Settings, General, Spotlight Search. There, I turned off the Siri suggestions. Supposedly, these would be suggestions of things you might want that pop up even before you start entering search criteria. One annoyance done with. Then, still in Settings, General, I opened up "handoff and suggested apps". Under the "Suggested Apps" heading, I turned off installed apps. Voilá!!!! No more waking my phone up just by plugging in the headphones. Hope some others find this as refreshing as I do.

Desktop site in Safari

to load a website in Safari with iOS, swipe to the "reload" option and DoubleTap and wholed to bring up the "request Desktop Site" option. I would like to see the option to always do this if one would want too. I also would like to see a VoiceOver Sounds Volume option as well as in MacOS too.