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Description of App

The aim of this app is to allow a blind/low vision person to move independently thanks to the ability to walk to a destination starting from their position and have information useful to facilitate their orientation while moving. This information is provided and adapted taking into consideration the peculiar needs of a blind/low vision pedestrian and the app user interface is simple and easy to use.
The user can enter a destination and get the turn by turn directions from their current position to that destination. Waypoints can be added to improve the effectiveness of the calculated route.
While moving the app will also give information on next junctions as well as distances and directions.
At any time the user can query the app for their position and get it in terms of street address. A list of junctions around the user, with the corresponding distances and bearings, can also be obtained.
Information relevant to the user mobility are provided by using the Text To Speech (even if no screenreader is running).
This app may run in background mode and use the location service, in case the navigation to a point is set. The use of background GPS may draw heavily on your device battery. Use this feature only as needed.



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Accessibility Comments

This is fully accessible.

For a first release, this is very good. When this goes native on the Watch and the sluggishness is removed (particularly when searching), this is going to be even better. Already, it’s a great example of how the Watch can be made an extremely useful tool for blind users.


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Submitted by Chuck on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Even though it says this app is intended for use outside the United States in the opening disclaimer, I have had great success using it in the Phoenix area.
It is very simple to use, and utilizing the Apple watch's dictation makes the input of addresses very easy. This app only has a walking mode, so once the address is selected all you need to do is tap start.

Once I start the app with my watch, I open the app on my iPhone to receive turn by turn directions. The app continues to announce in the background, so I lock the screen and put the phone away.

The only downside is there not a lot of POIs, so most of the time it is nessecary to have an actual address for your final destination.

Also the distances are announced in meters or yards.