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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Description of App

Neutun is a seizure monitoring app that can automatically detect seizures, manage your treatment and alert loved ones in an emergency.

- Automatically detect seizures with a smartwatch
- Instant SMS and Email notifications in emergency
- Keep track of triggers, stress, medication for your epilepsy
- Keep a medical record for family and doctors
- Better understand and track your epilepsy and seizures
- Live support from our Care Team

Our software provides a continuous passive tracking solution; you’ll no longer need to manually record your events, or worry about remembering you had them. Set up medication reminders and prompts, write daily journals from our mobile app, create a medical id to share with loved ones, and alert them with SMS or Email in an emergency situation.

You can take the Neutun seizure monitoring app with you anywhere, without having to wear a designated seizure watch. Just download the Neutun app to your mobile phone, and sync it with your compatible smartwatch. Our continuous passive tracking means peace of mind and a renewed sense of safety for people with epilepsy, and their loved ones.

Our technology is non-invasive and uses existing, accessible, technologies so it’s also easy for you to use. We don't diagnose epilepsy. We simply provide a seizure monitoring tool for people living with epilepsy.

- Detect and record seizure events in real-time
- Continuous passive tracking
- View your seizure events on a timeline
- Daily journal
- Set medication reminders and personal prompts
- Add emergency contacts

Are you already using Neutun’s seizure monitoring app? Please leave us a comment below, or send our Care Team an email. We’d love to hear from you:

You can also contact us directly from your Neutun app. Click on the “?” icon, on the top right of your home screen, to speak with our Care Team.



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Accessibility Comments

The app is VoiceOver friendly on the Apple Watch. However, some improvements are needed to make the app work better on the iPhone.


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