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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Description of App

Name Mangler is a blazingly-fast multi-file renaming tool that's incredibly easy to use.

  • Create single or multi-step renaming actions, save them, and share them across Macs
  • Rename in excess of 2,000 files per second
  • Use files' metadata (e.g. ISO speed, dimensions, bit rate, etc.) in new names
  • Before and after views of your filenames insure you rename them as you intend
  • Save renaming tasks as droplets: just drag-and-drop files onto a droplet, and they'll be renamed
  • Load any previously-used rename action from the History browser

Name Mangler 3 represents a quantum leap forward in file renaming: speed and beauty combined with ease of use, and loaded with features.

For those coming from Name Mangler 2, here's what's new in this version:

Tons of new features

  • Multi-step renaming lets you perform complex renaming tasks without touching Advanced mode
  • Metadata accessible for use in all renaming operations, via an intuitive metadata browser
  • Save any renaming action as a Preset, and automatically sync those presets across Macs
  • Export renaming actions for sharing via email, etc.
  • History keeps track of all performed actions, making it simple to reuse these actions
  • Revert last-used renaming operation
  • Shift-drag to file list will add the dragged files to the existing list
  • Delete presets (and snippets, see below) from within Name Mangler by using the Option key
  • Optionally display only files that will be renamed, instead of all files in the list
  • Automatically detect potential duplicates and flag (or optionally automatically fix)
  • Finder is no longer required to be running to use Name Mangler
  • Check for file writable status and warn user if files are not writable

User interface improvements

  • Fully retinaized for the retina Mac laptops
  • The pop-up button for the rename operations has been moved out of the toolbar
  • The 'Rename' button is in a more logical and visible spot
  • Choose a dark or light appearance for the file list area
  • The rename action area can be expanded horizontally
  • Status lights next to each filename deliver at-a-glance info on renaming state
  • Interim results show filenames at each step of a multi-step renaming task
  • Tooltips show original names, new names, and errors
  • Query field in Find and Replace makes it more obvious when in regular expression mode
  • Status light for regular expressions shows syntax checking state (green=good, red=bad)
  • New large icon view
  • Automatic view mode determines what details to show based on sort order

Mind-boggling speed improvements

  • Load tens of thousands of files from Finder in only seconds
  • 50 to 100+ times faster than Name Mangler 2
  • Rename from 1,000 to in excess of 2,000 files per second
  • So fast, you may think it's not doing anything‚Ķbut it is!

New/improved renaming actions

  • New action: Compose, to start with a completely blank slate
  • Split Insert/Remove into two distinct actions
  • Split Prefix/Suffix into two distinct actions
  • Sequence has been greatly simplified, thanks to multi-step
  • New Sequence formats: Roman Numerals and Letters
  • Sequence start and increments can be negative
  • Increased the maximum and minimum limits for Sequence values
  • Arbitrary Terms is now a format in the Sequence action
  • Arbitrary Terms can take a CSV formatted file as input

Advances in Advanced mode

  • New function: [random (number of character) from (pool)]
  • Auto-complete functions and variables
  • Tab to next empty parameter
  • Auto-indent
  • Selection (or line) can be shifted in or out via Command-[ and Command-]
  • Find and replace
  • Save any Advanced program as a Preset for easy reuse
  • Create snippets of portions of code for easy reuse in other Advanced programs
  • Automatically sync snippets to multiple Macs



Free or Paid


Version Of macOS App Was Tested On

10.9 (mavericks)

Accessibility Comments

This app is very accessible once we get used to the interface. This app as tons of features and because of that, it needs some practicing. As far as I know, I've been able to use all the standard functions (except the advanced mode which may need some programming knowledge I don't have). Every warnings and messages are self-explanatory.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Before buying the app, I had to contact the developers because the file table was completely unusable for us. After a few days, they've sent me a beta version which solved the problem and corrected other mislabeled controls. The support is reactive and the developers, Rob and Peter, appear to be really interested in keeping their app accessible. So, if from time to time, you come across some complex renaming tasks, this app works great and has many features that other automator basic services we can find on the web don't have. There's a trial version on the developer's website, I encourage you to try before buying.
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