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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Description of App

With Livedesk Studio you can live broadcast on any video streaming service from your Mac.

Use it with any platform like Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitch, Mixer, Periscope, on premise services and many more.

You can live stream your webcam, your desktop activity, a connected mobile device (iPhone & iPad) or a prerecorded video file.

You can probably think of a number of potential opportunities already: you might live-stream an event, a Keynote presentation, your gameplay, an announcement, a web tutorial - you name it.


• Your web camera and microphone (including the external ones)

• Your Mac screen/desktop activity

• Your connected mobile device (iPhone, iPad) - no extra app required on your device

• Prerecorded video files


• Broadcast media on any streaming platform from your Mac, iPhone and iPad

• Stream from your FaceTime camera, a connected mobile device (iPhone & iPad), webcams, prerecorded video files or desktop activity

• Picture in picture for desktop live sessions (with camera, iOS device or other external screen)

• Start broadcasting while you play games on your Mac

• You can tune your broadcast preferences for the best results (video and audio input, video resolution, media bit rate and more)

• Livedesk is an easy to use and configure app. Just run it, prepare your speech and you are live!

• You can broadcast your screen/desktop activity on the web: show the world a tutorial, a Keynote presentation, an online seminar. Be the teacher of your audience


We read your support emails every day, day by day.

Write with confidence any question, feedback or complaint and you will receive an answer in a very short period of time.



Free or Paid

Free With In-App Purchase

Version Of macOS App Was Tested On


Accessibility Comments

The accessibility is perfect, when there are bugs, the developer fixes them very quickly!


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.


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Submitted by Siobhan on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hi. The link is in another lanuge. Thanks for the link though. I'll go get it now.

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, April 2, 2020

Ok, here is what I found so far.

  1. When connecting to let's say twitch, I see no place to enter the title, and I saw the timer maybe meaning I was live, I think, but the stream doesn't show up there, so I assume I was not connected.
  2. The demo is kind of a joke as 3 minutes is not enough to know if you will like the program or not.
  3. 19 dollars and that's on sale? Uh, Ouch! And for such a simple interface? I wish I could try out the video thing but I can't at the moment as I don't have anything under 3 minutes. Most of my streams and prerecorded stuff is between 3 and 5 hours in length.

You usually have to choose the titles in the web interfaces. On youtube for example, it works like that.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any other mac application to broadcast live ...

Submitted by Daniel Angus MacDonald on Thursday, April 2, 2020

the in app purchase in 27.99 plus taz canadian. kind of expensive,

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Friday, April 3, 2020

Yep, in obs I can dock windows and do titles that way. Lol! And I totally forgot about that. Lol! I would still say the demo is still a bit of a joke. I like the fact I can broadcast a prerecorded video without uploading it to twitch first.f

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Friday, April 3, 2020

That of corse will not work if you want to broadcast video like I often do. My followers are mostly sighted and I intend to keep it that was for education purposes and to have a wiser proud who can then spread the word about what I do. I contacted the developer aboutr extendign the demo to perhaps a day of unlimited streaming or what not. so we'll see.

Submitted by Devin Prater on Sunday, April 5, 2020

My problem with the app is that it looks like you can only record with microphones, not system audio. Also, I tried enabling screen recording functionality in system preferences, and the app wasn't there to enable.

Submitted by Jonathan Candler on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Now if this app would be able to not only do live streams but record them as well, this would be a cool feature to add. I like this app all the same.