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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Description of App

slack… on a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.
This is the Mac OS desktop client for the popular team collaboration software.



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Accessibility Comments

Accessibility issues still persist, but this app is usable. Message Input field still poses challenges due to the fact the platform is built on Google Chrome.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments

Get to know the keyboard shortcuts. Don't hesitate to bug the development team as they want to make sure Slack is usable by everyone.

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Two workarounds you can try:
1. VO-Command-Shift-L backwards through the links which will take you to the time stamps. Don't let go of the VO keys and press right arrow to hear the message. Don't let go of the VO keys. You can press right or left arrows to move back and forth through the messages, so long as VO keys are held down. Don't let go of the VO keys until you're ready to go back to the input field.
2. Turn cursor tracking off. This will prevent focus from jumping around. You'll have to remember to turn cursor tracking back on if you switch apps.

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