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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Description of App

Byword is designed to make writing more enjoyable with Markdown on your Mac.

Key features of Byword
  • Designed to make writing more enjoyable using Markdown
  • Sync text documents across all your Mac, iPhone, iPad devices
  • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts for extra efficiency
  • Alternate dark theme for extra comfort in low-light situations
  • The most complete Markdown support including footnotes, tables and cross-references
  • Export documents to PDF and HTML documents
  • Premium feature: Publish to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram and Evernote
Blog publishing — Premium only1

Publish to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram blogs and Evernote notebooks from Byword. Posting to your blog with Byword is as simples as:

  1. Write something in Byword
  2. Open File menu and select Publish
  3. Confirm post title, tags, categories, etc.
  4. Publish
More features
  • List continuations
  • Typewriter scrolling mode
  • Great text manipulation helpers
  • Word and character counters with live update
  • Spell and Grammar checking and Dictionary lookup
  • Extensive VoiceOver API support for visual impaired users

Here are some ways to use Byword in your life:

  • For posting to your blog without using clunky web interfaces
  • For research, meeting and class notes
  • To write that important email without being distracted
  • To capture ideas and notes and have them available in all devices
Enhanced for OS X Mavericks
  • iCloud: Sync your documents seamlessly across your devices
  • Full-screen: Get even more immersed in your words
  • Autosave: Time to stop worrying about saving your work
  • Versions: Review past iterations of your compositions
  • Resume: Always open your documents where you left off
  • Tags: A powerful new way to organize your files

We are proud to provide a super friendly customer support over email. If you have suggestions or questions, please contact us using one the methods below.

Twitter: Email: Web:

  1. Requires a one-time in-app purchase to enable Premium on all your Mac devices. Enabling Premium upgrade on iOS requires a separate purchase. ↩︎



Free or Paid


Version Of macOS App Was Tested On

10.9.2 Mavericks

Accessibility Comments

If you want a powerful Markdown and MultiMarkdown editor that works well with VoiceOver, look no further.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

This application is a Markdown power user's dream. You can preview your Markdown, copy the HTML output, copy the Rich Text output, copy the raw HTML, quickly toggle between rich text and plane text, save both in iCloud and Drop Box, quickly perform almost every task with Keyboard Shortcuts, publish directly to your blogging platform of choice*, and so much more. And all of this, is fully accessible with VoiceOver. \* Publishing directly from Byword requires a one time in app purchase.


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Submitted by Usman on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Does this app work just as well in OS Yosemite? I want to know this before purchasing it.

Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I use it almost daily to take notes in class and I can say it works beautifully.

Submitted by Chelsea on Wednesday, January 24, 2018


I'm going to try and revive this comment thread. I have a Wordpress blog, and was trying to decide between byWord and mars Edit. I eventually bought both, as Mars Edit supports more features and lets you edit blog posts. However, while I love Byword as a markdown editor, I haven't gotten the blog publishing options to work. I click on Publish and get an empty table and no Add button. I've emailed the ByWord support team to let them know of this issue but haven't gotten a response. Has anyone else ran into this problem? I'm also wondering if the iOs version has a similar accessibility glitch.

Thanks for any help,