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One-stop news center.

News Explorer is a full-featured yet easy-to-use RSS, JSON, Atom and Twitter newsreader with iCloud based synchronisation between Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

• News Explorer syncs your RSS, JSON, Atom and Twitter subscriptions, folder setup, news items, read statuses and favorites across all your Apple devices.
• Synchronisation is based on iCloud, so there is no need to login or to sign up into any other service, it just works out of the box.
• Built-in high speed RSS and Atom engine.
• Supports Twitter user and hashtags timelines.

• Clean, stylish and distraction-free user interface.
• Built-in browser for viewing inline links and other references.
• Themes, adaptable to your taste and mood.
• Adjustable news article font.

• Smart filters
• Read your news offline.
• Use Reader view to download and read the full version of articles in a clean and easy-to-read format.
• Mark items as favorite for later reading.
• Navigate with one click to the original content.
• Reply, retweet and like tweets in Twitter feeds without leaving the app.
• Timeline view shows your news items in an attractive newspaper-like way.
• Full text search.
• Full keyboard navigation.
• Built-in image viewer to browse through all images of news items.
• Full window YouTube videos
• Built-in support to share news items with Instapaper and Pocket.
• Share news items via email, Messages, Twitter, Facebook and other sharing services.

• Add new RSS, Atom, JSON and YouTube feeds directly from Safari, using the 'Add to News Explorer' share extension.
• Add RSS and Twitter feeds via the built-in search form.
• Support to add manually RSS, Atom, JSON and Twitter feeds.
• Feed extension support let you open RSS news feed URL’s.
• Group your subscriptions by using folders.
• Rename and reorder folders and subscriptions, using drag-and-drop.
• OPML import and export.

• Assign keyboard shortcuts to sharing services, including Instapaper and Pocket.
• Simply hit the spacebar to open the next article or to scroll the article when needed.
• Global filters let you filter all subscriptions and related news on unread items and favorites.
• Support for enhanced arrow key navigation with auto expand and collapse of the sidebar and the built-in browser.
• With full Touch Bar support you have quick access to all essential functions.
• App icon badge with unread items count.

• Supports RSS 2.0, RDF, JSON Feed, ATOM and Twitter news feeds
• Supports feeds with Basic and Digest HTTP Authentication.
• iCloud sync based on CloudKit
• Touch Bar
• Spotlight Search
• Handoff, pick up where you left off
• Notifications with images
• Retina support

You only need to buy two apps to cover all Apple platforms:
• News Explorer for Mac is available on the Mac App Store.
• News Explorer for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV is a universal purchase app, available on the App Store of the mentioned devices. Universal purchase allows you to purchase News Explorer once, and then access it on all connected platforms.

News Explorer is one of the best documented news apps with an extensive help page on If you still have any questions or need support, email us at or twitter to @elemanssoftware.

Please share your thoughts and ideas about News Explorer with us via
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Accessibility Comments

News Explorer has specific settings for VoiceOver. The layout is minimalistic, yet contains all the features you would ever need in an RSS reader.

It's reader mode sometimes surpasses Apple's one found in Safari.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

I am using this app with a self-hosted application that can generate a feed from various sources, such as Twitter, Youtube, RSS, Reddit, and generate a tagged, single feed. News Explorer really makes it a blaze to find what I need.

It's very light on resources, even with thousands of items. There are additional options, such as avoid dialog updates while syncing or updating, which will significantly reduce Busy states with VoiceOver.

Keyboard navigation is fully supported, and you can specify what happens when you press enter on an article, while the left and right arrows can focus the three main sections of the app, if desired.

The position of the last read item is saved, even across restarts.

While News Explorer does not integrate with various services, such as Feedly, there are self-hosted alternatives that can achieve similar results, while your data remains yours.

I have tested many RSS readers for the Mac, this is by far the best. Highly recommended.

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Submitted by tunmi13 on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hey is there an iOS version? Thanks.

Submitted by Pyro2790 on Monday, October 1, 2018

I have purchased this app and am trying to figure out how to use it with voice over. I have loaded a set of feeds from a file that I had on a different computer. I attempt to go and read each of these feeds but when I get to the area to read each article and press the arrow keys it changes the focus to one of the 3 categories such as subscribed. I read above on this page that there is a way to use the 3 arrow keys to focus the main areas of the app. Is this setting on by default and how do I turn it off so I can successfully read feeds I am subscribed to?

The application has three main areas. The list of feeds and smart folders, the list of articles in a feed, and a web content with the actual content of the article.

You can navigate with the left and right arrows between these, for example, if you hit right on subscriptions, you will see all items from all the feeds you are subscribed to. If this is not what you want, you can hit the left arrow key, which will move you back to the feed list. Now the subscriptions item is expanded, so you can go down and hit right to read individual feeds.

If this is too cumbersome for you, you can disable this in Preferences/Advanced, "Open article with right arrow key".

Hope this helps and happy reading!

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