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LuckNews is a fully featured, easy to use news reader for your Mac. Familiar mail-like interface. View articles as real web pages or in RSS news format.Folders, search, automatic updating, notifications, easy navigation, full screen, and more. Highlighted features: • Scrolling and navigating are super easy - swipe to advance to the next article. Most of your time will be spent reading and advancing, LuckNews makes these tasks easy • View real web pages for a subscription or have the articles presented in a more uniform and minimal RSS format - its your choice• You can read articles offline. If you select the option to cache images your offline experience is enhanced. Do you want to be able to read on a plane? On a train?• Article Search. Quickly search for articles that contain keywords• Quickly and easily organize your subscriptions into folders• Does not use Google Reader - the application fetches the articles directly without going through a third party Selected additional features: 
  • Enhanced for Retina display
  • LuckNews is able to retrieve RSS subscriptions that were in Mail before Mountain Lion
  • View, search and export the articles you want by selecting individual subscriptions and folders. Easily select all subscriptions
  • Notification Center will show you article banners or alerts as new articles arrive
  • You can easily add new subscriptions to LuckNews. Discovery of subscriptions in web pages is supported
  • Automatically update subscriptions at a frequency you control
  • Flag articles and easily review or search through flagged articles
  • Import/Export of OPML files (OPML is a subscription interchange format)
  • Supports RSS and Atom news feeds
  • Able to display RSS content in any language
  • Choose how long you wish to retain the articles for each subscription. You may choose to have some subscriptions keep their articles forever while others remove their articles according to a rule you select
  • Online help is available at the support site
  • LuckNews has many additional features and nice touches. LuckNews has been designed to provide you with a quality news reading experience



Free or Paid


Version Of macOS App Was Tested On

Mountain Lion 10.8

Accessibility Comments

This app is fully accessible. All buttons are properly labeled, tables are fully accessible, and no issues reading the contents of articles.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Lucknews does exactly as advertised and is a pleasure to use. If you are looking for a Mac RSS reader I highly recommend this one. I loke to have a reader on my iOS devices and Mac.


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Submitted by Tangela on Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Note that the app is now free to download and works with full functionality in the light version, save that you are limited to 8 feeds in that mode. Since the app was submitted, there are a number of interesting features, such as xml import which now make this app a viable rss reader for the mac. New in version 2.0.5 • Changes to get LuckNews working on Mavericks • Fix for a problem when displaying articles as HTML in some European languages. Accented characters were not being displayed properly for some text encodings • Other minor changes From 2.0.4: • Changes to help improve the performance of large Subscription/Article databases • Fixes a bug with Notification Center integration related to the window being closed or minimized • Other minor changes From Version 2.0.3: • Fixes a bug where a subscription containing articles which had absolutely no content would cause a problem when updating the database • Improvements to OPML import. Google Reader is providing some interesting data, which is now handled • Subscriptions imported from OPML which refer to invalid feeds are now imported rather than being ignored. I decided it was better to let the user deal with this error rather than ignoring the errors • Improved the article deletion rules From version 2.0.2: • Improvements to swiping and the page transitions • Improvements to the new 'show newest article' mode when selecting a new subsription (or set of subscriptions) • Improvements to article refresh to avoid duplicated articles • Improvements to the context menu displayed in the Article view • Found another subscription which provided malformed dates. They are now handled • Other minor changes From version 2.0.1: • Fixed a crash which could happen after a refresh of the subscriptions in rare cases • Added a preference to choose which article to show when a new subscription (or set of subscriptions) is selected: most recently read or newest • Improved the interaction while swiping between articles • Added a context menu to the article viewer pane (option click to view.) • Other minor changes

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