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Description of App

"A native Mac audio and music player that supports crystal-clear bit-perfect gapless playback of all popular lossless and lossy audio formats, uses only a tiny amount of computing power and offers a clean and intuitive user experience."

Plays FLAC, DSD (DSF or DFF via DoP), and other hi-res formats without needing to reset Audio/MIDI settings. Does not provide any library management: just open the Finder folder from within the app to start playback or add to playlist.



Free or Paid


Version Of macOS App Was Tested On


Accessibility Comments

The interface stays within the bounds of standard Mac OS controls, so it's as simple to use as an app can be.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

A great, simple little app for those of us with a large music collection well-organized on a hard drive, or who want a quick way to play file content without adding it to a library. It can either default to the current output device or be set to always play through the same device, whether it's currently plugged in or not (e.g., no need to reset it when a DAC gets unplugged/replugged). A very inexpensive and trouble-free solution for people with DSD audio, especially. Gapless playback and several sophisticated additional audio features.


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Submitted by Christopher on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

I'm not by any means meaning this rudely, as much as I truly don't get it. What exactly makes this app any better than the free opensource VLC player? I mean, VLC can open files or a folder, and because of it being opensource, API's are made freely and readily available for developers to make any audio enhancement plugins they want, and as a user, it's a sinch to import those plugins into the app. I mean literally, it's just open the preferences like normal with command comma, then hitting a browse button, browsing to the plugin file, hitting open, and bam, there you go! OK, I get that the biggest difference probably is that VLC has a library function where this app doesn't, but you don't by any means have to use the library function of VLC. I certainly don't. And yes, vlc plays midi files, wave, WMA, wave, flack, ogg vorbis, AAC, AAC Plus, mp3, mp4, M4A, mpeg, avi, mov, all your normal playlists like pls, m3u, it'll play audio online streams from shoutcast, icecast, etc. Heck, it'll even play accessibly DVD's. And yes, you absolutely can set a separate audio device for playback than your system audio. It's got repeat mode, shuffle, it'll even play CDA audio CD files like an old Fashion CD player. And what's best is, all of this is opensource, and totally 100 percent free, as apose to the 10 bucks you'd pay for this thing.

I'm not saying this wouldn't be a good app, please don't get me wrong here! I just don't understand why I'd want to pay for this, when VLC easily by far could meet most people's needs with identically the same feature set, and probably even more, and by the way is also totally 100 percent accessible. I'm willing to give this other app a chance, but I need some convincing first, as 9 bucks is a lot to spend for something I can get totally legitimately for free.

Submitted by Christopher on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

vlc also can play OPIS, and even is cross platform, meaning, totally accessible on Windows, Linux, mac, iOS, and even Android.

Submitted by Voracious P. Brain on Tuesday, July 27, 2021

I certainly am not interested in trying to tell you you need an app when you're happy with VLC. The app directory, it seems to me, primarily exists to signal the accessibility of apps, particularly if they're paid and no free demo is available.
Two reasons I use this app instead of VLC as my music player when I'm on Mac: 1) Gapless playback is a requirement for me, because, you know, Pink Floyd. I see that gapless is finally on the agenda for VLC v4. 2) I have a few hundred albums in DSD format, and there's currently no Mac VLC plugin or CODEC support for it.
The app was $5 when I bought it. I guess he raised the price when v2 came out a couple of months ago.
A note for anyone who *is* interested in it: DSD playback is currently not gapless, at least on my system. I'm working with the developer to troubleshoot. Also, the graphic equalizer controls seem to be all grayed out, which might be an M1 issue or an accessibility issue. Again, the dev is a very nice guy interested in fixing any accessibility issues, which are virtually non-existent.

Submitted by Moopie Curran on Friday, August 20, 2021

When I'm adding music to the colibry playlist, my keyboard acts really weird. For instance, I can't use command W to close windows in other apps, I couldn't even type an email in mailmate. Then when I closed Colibry, it started acting fine. i'm using a 2018 macbook pro with 10.15.
Is anyone else experiencing this? I thought Colibry would be a better alternative to music, because music takes so long to load, and so does VLC.

Submitted by Voracious P. Brain on Friday, August 20, 2021

Must be some long playlist, if you have time to write an email! I think the dev noted something about sluggishness when adding that kind of volume. I just add a folder of files (e.g., an album) and listen. Since it doesn't have any library functionality, I don't think it's a good tool for adding massive amounts. If it's just the BT keyboard, and not an integrated or attached one with the issue, I can see some interference if you're adding over a 2.4GHz network, also. And, nothing wonky that happens with BT surprises me.

Submitted by Moopie Curran on Friday, August 20, 2021

Yes, the playlist is huge, it's my audio tv and coverage archive, which contains upwards of several hundred thousand items, although I was going to use colibry for just the coverage portion, which is approximately 150000 items and growing. The keyboard issues occur withthe built-in laptop keyboard or the bt keyboard. The mac itself isn't sluggish, it's just the keyboard, it dings at me like it's not a valid command, it's quite weird. BTW, all of these files are offline. I'd hoped colibry would've been a solution. Music doesn't go busy, but it gets stuck on loading music library, and vlc takes an eternity to pull up a playlist, so frustrating.

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