Description of App: 

MUDAbility is an accessible MUD client for macOS.
•MUDAbility is self-voicing, so it can be used without needing to have VoiceOver enabled. However, the app is fully accessible when VoiceOver is in use.
• Words are spoken as typed.
•Pressing Command + 1 through Command + 0 will read the last ten items in the output.
• Rate is configurable through commands. Rate is measured in words per minute.
•MUDAbility has built-in help. To access it, type "Help."
•Press up and down arrows to select the most recently used commands.
•Pressing Control will pause and resume speech.
•More features will be added soon!



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Accessibility Comments: 

While the app is self-voicing, it is fully accessible with the use of VoiceOver.
Be aware that if VoiceOver is enabled, you may hear two copies of your TTS voice, or two different voices speaking at the same time, depending on your settings.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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