Description of App: 

Dynamo lets you designate four unique hotkeys on your keyboard, one of which skips video ads on any website you visit, and the other three allow you to change the flow of any online video, whether you watch news, vlogs or interviews, tutorials, lectures ...


• Video flow controller for Safari

• Allows you to skip video ads

• Lets you customise the hotkeys

• Works on all your favourite websites

• Never collects any personal data


A welcome screen will take you to the Extensions Preferences pane in Safari. Click the checkbox next to the item called Dynamo and you're all set.


While watching video in Safari, press these keys on your keyboard to control the playback:

E skips the ads you don't want to see

S slows down the playback

D sets the speed back to default

F makes the content flow faster


All keyboard shortcuts are configurable and can be changed in the popover menu. Click the Dynamo icon in your Safari toolbar and then choose the settings icon to access the menu.


Safari shows you a notice that says the extension can read personal information and browsing history. This broadly described level of access is necessary for any extension that changes the behaviour of website elements, like the speed of video. Dynamo does not read nor collect any personal data. We've deliberately designed this app so that we can't even encounter any. All Dynamo's processes run solely on your machine.


You may need to quit Safari before you update Dynamo via Mac App Store. Closing the browser is not sufficient, quit Safari with command+Q or go to menu bar and choose Safari > Quit Safari. Go back to the App Store, update Dynamo, then you can launch Safari again.


Reach us at hello@dynamoformac.com with any issues or suggestions.



Free or Paid: 


Version Of macOS App Was Tested On: 

macOs 10.13 or later

Accessibility Comments: 

This app is fully accessible and quite fun to mess around with lol. You can use this app on any website that has videos. I've tested it on youtube, prime video, and netflix.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

So as the description says, it's an extension that uses 4 keys on your keyboard. This app comes in handy especially when it comes to skipping those annoying youtube ads. I always had trouble looking for the skip ad button with voiceover. But this app changed that for me. To skip an ad no matter what site it's on, just press the letter E. To increase the speed of a video, press F. I don't mean skip forward, i literally mean, speed up the video. Press S to slow the speed of a video. And press D when you want to set it back to its default speed. Of course, you can customize your own letters. I just use the default letters since the letters make sense. F for faster, D for default. You get the idea. Feel free to correct me if you think it's fully accessible or if i need to add or remove something.