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Description of App

TranscribeMe’s App offers a highly available, highly accurate transcription service, for audio content you generate anywhere in the world. Voice to text – fast!

No more trade-off between accuracy, turnaround or cost. The TranscribeMe iPhone App allows you to record and transcribe interviews, speeches, dictation and panel discussions with 98-100% accuracy, anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks! Don’t waste your time scribbling to-dos. Simply dictate your thoughts, and have access to them forever.

Perfect for researchers in the field, business professionals attending meetings, conference/event organizers looking to add value for attendees, as well as those needing to record audio and have it available for research, keyword search, or sharing.

Record, upload from your phone, pay for transcribed audio minutes, and receive your transcription.


  • Simple 4 step process -- Record, Upload, Pay and Transcribe
  • Value – We offer the most accurate, fast, and affordable transcription service around.
  • Access - Ability to playback recording on your smartphone, making your audio searchable anytime, anywhere
  • Free cloud-based storage – store and manage all your audio recordings and transcriptions in one place:
  • Accuracy - Combined technology and professional human crowd-sourced transcribers deliver 98-100% accuracy for good quality audio recordings
  • Speedy delivery – Transcriptions are delivered to your email within 48 hours of submission
  • Email notification - when the status of each file changes (submitted for transcription, transcription completed)
  • Check file status - (recorded, uploaded, submitted for transcription)
  • In-App sign up - Create a new TranscribeMe account from inside the app
  • File format choice - Transcription available to download in .doc, .pdf and .html format
  • Secure platform - Powered and secured by Microsoft’s secure Windows Azure cloud platform, to protect your data

What Customers are saying:

“The TranscribeMe iPhone app is an entrepreneurial must have! Simple to use, turnaround time is unreal and it delivers damn near perfect accuracy. TranscribeMe solves a huge pain point for busy business professionals.”

-Chris Boys, Business Professional -- Founder and Director, Katabolt

"TranscribeMe is an ideal transcription partner. Their combination of speed, accuracy and price is unbeatable. We were thrilled to find a way to share, analyze and monetize the unique content of our event, immediately."

-Mark Evans, SocialLoco Conference Organizer, San Francisco

"Used for group and interview transcripts, and the quality has been great. Turnaround speed is fast and the process to upload files very simple. Very responsive."

-Bart Langton, Research Director, IPSOS NZ

Data Confidentiality

TranscribeMe has built a safe and fast way to convert audio to searchable, shareable text. Our speech processing technology slices audio intelligently so that transcribers are given only short, non-continuous pieces of audio. This audio distribution, combined with the Azure platform’s security credentials, ensures the confidentiality of your data. All TranscribeMe employees and Quality Assurance personnel are tested, credentialed, identity verified, and sign a comprehensive Non Disclosure Agreement. With both technology and legal processes in place to maintain data confidentiality, your data is secured with industry leading standards.

About TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe provides a service to convert voice to text. We help make audio content more useful by transcribing it, so that content can be easily shared, searched and monetized. Imagine being able to accurately recall critical meeting items, at any point in time. Save time and become more productive by having your meetings and conferences documented word-for-word. Visit for more info.



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I've yet to test the paid transcription service available via this app, but the app itself is fully accessible.

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