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Description of App

This app is great for helping you sleep, for just relaxation, or masking noise. it lets you create up to 3 sounds together for tons of different combinations of sounds. All the sounds are in stereo, and they sound great. Totally wonderful app.

As described in the iTunes Store:

Sleep Machine is a professional ambient sound, and white noise player to help you sleep or relax. Sleep Machine allows you to create your own unique, multi dimensional sound mixes with ease. With it's full-featured alarm clock and sleep timer, you can time your sessions to fall asleep and set your alarm to wake up to Sleep Machine's huge assortment of high quality "stereo" ambient sounds. Packed with 80 realistic sounds and soothing ambient music including customer favorites such as Drift, Starlight, thunder, rain, waves, heartbeat and many more. It's perfect for sleeping, concentration, relaxation, meditation, yoga, napping, noise masking, or just having fun mixing real sound environments together.



- 4 APPS IN 1 -


  • iOS 4 multitask and background audio
  • 80 Stereo Sounds to choose from: 71 Ambient Sounds, 9 Ambient Music Tracks
  • Up to 531,440 sound combination possibilities !
  • Elegantly designed easy-to-use interface
  • Play 1 or up to 3 sounds simultaneously to create the perfect sound atmosphere.
  • Save any of your favorite combination creations with individual volume settings.


  • Clock includes 7 different clock themes including different colors, digital, and even a night-light theme !
  • Portrait and Landscape modes
  • Dimmer time options; keeps the clock on for designated amount of time so you can use it as a night-light or bedside clock as you fall asleep.
  • Seconds On/Off


  • Choose from 91 Sounds to Wake up to
  • Includes 11 Alarm Sounds
  • Wake to any of your Favorite Mixes too!
  • Snooze ON/OFF
  • Huge easy Snooze/Stop button
  • Fade in alarm sound options for gentle wake up experience. 30 seconds to 5 minutes !


  • Sleep to your sound selection for your preferred amount of time
  • Alarm Sound with individual volume control
  • Fade out
  • Exit App

For optimal performance in full fidelity sound, we recommend using Sleep Machine with external stereo speakers or headphones. ( due to low frequency, Airplane Cabin, Furnace, Heartbeat, and Spaceship cannot be heard on the iPod Touch/iPhone speaker )


  • AMBIENT MUSIC: Contemplate, Drift , Moon Harp, Mysterious, Native American Flute, Reflection, Soundtrack 1, Starlight, Wind Dream
  • AMBIENT SOUNDS: Air Conditioner, Air Purifier, Airplane Cabin ( prop ), Bathroom Fan, Beach, Beach 2, Beach 3 ( lapping waves ), Beach / Rain / Thunder, Bird House, Clock, Creek, Crickets, Dehumidifier, Dishwasher, Distant Train, Distant Train ( Crickets ), Dryer, Factory, Fan ( low ), Fan ( medium ), Fan ( high ), Fan ( small ), Fan / Crickets, Fish Tank, Fireplace-Crackle, Fireplace-Hiss, Fireplace-Roar, Fireplace / Wind, Frogs, Frogs 2, Fog Horn, Furnace, Hair Dryer, Heartbeat, Highway, Highway 2 ( Wet Road ), Inside Car, Wind Shield Wipers, Lawn Mower, Morning Birds, Railroad Crossing, Rain-Heavy, Rain-Medium, Rain ( light ), Rain and Thunder, Rain and Thunder 2, Distant Thunder, River, Room Heater, Shower, Sink, Spaceship, Sprinkler, Stream, Toy Train, Train Ride, Truck Idle, Vacuum Cleaner, Washer, Waterfall ( large ), Waterfall ( small ), Waterfall ( Hawaii ), Water Heater, White Noise, White Noise 2, White Noise 3, White Noise 4, Wind, Wind 2, Wind Chime, Wine Glass
  • ALARM SOUNDS: Bells 1, Bells 2, Buzzer 1, Buzzer 2, Child Laughing, Dog Bark, Guitar Strums, Harmonics, Harp, Tibetan Bell, Train Bell.

Try Sleep Machine TODAY.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

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