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Roll the Bones is now a completely free app. By completely free we also mean ad-free and no IAPs!


Roll the Bones is a dice rolling utility with a clean, minimalist design. It lets you choose the number of dice you want to roll, the number of sides on the dice, and a modifier to add or subtract from the total of your roll. Your dice can have anywhere from 2 sides (flipping a coin) to 999 sides (attacking a horde of orcs) and you can add favorite sets of dice for quick access later.

While we respect Plato and all of his solids, we roll in a Digital Realm: 3, 5, 9-sided dice? No problem. Playing that crazy awesome DCC RPG and need a 16-sider for your dice chain? We've got your back. Also, our d100 is guaranteed to NOT roll off the table..

Keep in mind that Roll the Bones is NOT A DICE GAME, but is instead a utility you can use to play games where you roll dice.

Here are some of the ways you can use Roll the Bones:
- Playing a board game where you need to roll dice.
- Flipping a coin to determine who gets the ball first at a sporting event.
- Playing dice games with friends.
- Your torch flickers and your sword starts glowing as you turn a corner in the Ghastly Tomb of Horribleness... The pale, soulless eyes of the Lich King freeze your blood as he rises from his Hideous Black Throne... ROLL A D20 AND PRAY FOR A CRITICAL HIT, YOU FOOL!

*** Roll the Bones for Apple Watch ***
Roll the Bones on your Apple Watch and enjoy the following features:
- Pick the number of dice you want to roll (up to six)
- Pick the number of sides on the dice (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, or 100)
- Pick an optional modifier (-10 to +10)
- Add favorite sets of dice for quick access
- Roll some bones! It's like having a set of dice permanently attached to your wrist!



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