Megabytes - Cellular (3G/4G/LTE/GPRS/EDGE) data usage on your Home Screen / Lock screen / Notification Center & widget

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Description of App

Cellular data usage is displayed on your Home Screen icon, Notification Center and Lock Screen. It really works!  4 & 1/2 avg. rating across various iTunes Stores Cool features no other data usage apps have:  
  • See MB used on home screen without opening app 
  • See MB used on lock screen and receive notifications 
  • See complete history with charts 
  • Generate data usage history csv and export via email 
  • Projected and ideal data usage info 
  • View usage status at a glance 
  • Handles any kind of billing period 
Megabytes is a gorgeous data usage app that puts you in charge of your data plan usage and helps avoid overages. Beyond showing usage information on home screen, it’s also packed with detailed usage info, predictive analysis and warnings.  Megabytes IN THE ICON BADGE:  Megabytes requires low battery consuming GPS services that allows app to run in background when cellular tower changes. It updates usage information in background and displays it on the home screen as a red badge. It supports iPhones as it requires devices with cellular connections. Cellular tower occur periodically as you move. Usage information will not update when you are using data on one location. You can also configure it to show megabytes used or remaining in your plan.  LOCKSCREEN & NOTIFICATION CENTER:  In addition to the megabytes badge, you can set up the app to notify you of any changes in the usage when app updates, right in the Lockscreen and Notification Center. It works really easy. All you need to do is enable notifications in Megabytes settings section and configure notifications center. This alert will also appear in the Notification Center and Lockscreen to show the megabytes used or remaining. You can set the number of notifications as you prefer (max 1, max 5 etc) in the settings app > notification center > megabytes. We recommend using 1 notification with no alert.  BILLING CYCLE & CONFIGURATIONS  Megabytes features most flexible billing cycle configurations of any data usage app on AppStore - you can do daily, weekly, monthly, x days, x weeks or x months billing cycle. It works on any phone / any carrier – no login required.  You can set a start date and choose length of billing cycle in 0 to 999 days, weeks or months. So, no matter what billing period length you have it accommodates all of it. For example, you can have 1 month or 30 day or 4 weeks or 12 month billing period or any other combination you come up with.  PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS & WARNINGS Megabytes predicts usage for billing period and also calculates what you should use today based on current usage and your quota. It also calculates remaining daily usage based on remaining usage so you can monitor and try to keep within that usage limit every day. Based on predictive analysis, app shows appropriate status sign.  Green check – ok Triangle yellow Caution sign - caution Red stop sign - stop  Individual progress bars for daily usage, billing cycle usage and predicted usage are also color coded:  green – ok yellow – caution red - stop  HISTORY  
  • Complete billing cycle and daily history of usage with charts 
  • Exporting history via Email 
  • Generate data usage history CSV File and email 
  • Landscape orientation support 
PRIVACY We DO NOT collect any information from your device. All data is stored on device. We do NOT track location information it is used only as a mean to run in background due to API limitations.  As Megabytes is created by makers of number one iOS data monitoring app: Data Usage, it uses the same precise data tracking engine. Save hundreds or thousands on data overages by investing $1.



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Accessibility Comments

This app works great. The only problems are [1] there is an unlabeled button at the bottom that is the settings button and [2] you cannot view your data usage history in the chart. The app has several progress indicaters that are accessible, and it was easy to set both the billing cycle and data cap. I highly recommend this app.

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The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

I have been searching for an app like this for a long time. What I like most about this app is that it display's how much data that you have used on that particular day, and an estimation of how much data you will use for the month. It actually gives you a data allowance per day based upon the amount of days and amount of data remaining in you're billing cycle. I suggest for you to turn off the notifications in the notification center because it will update you on you're usage like every five minutes. I have also heard that the app will only update you're data usage when you connect to a new cell tower, but I have not experienced this for myself.


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