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Description of App

Gladys is a drag-and-drop shelf that holds things you want to set aside, such as links, text snippets, map locations, contacts, images, photos, emails, messages and much more (even if the application that the information came from is removed)

It works with any app that supports drag-and-drop, and helps keep you focused by letting you quickly set something aside, without having to consider where it needs to be dropped, or having to constantly switch between apps.

• Works with any app that supports drag-and-drop, but also provides an extension for apps that don't yet support it, as well as the ability to paste items to & from the clipboard.
• Quickly search for items inside the app or via Spotlight. Access your top items from the home screen / Today widget, your Apple Watch, and even iMessage.
• Annotate items with notes, custom titles, and tag items with labels that allow you to easily categorise, browse, and sort your collection.
• Take your collection with you on your iPhone, and keep it updated by turning on automatic iCloud syncing.
• Import/export/merge collection archives simply by dragging.
• Ideal for bookmarking between apps: For example you can quickly return to dropped email items by selecting 'Open' in their info view, or quickly share links between different browsers.
• Experienced users can get details on dropped items and extract or modify specific data components (e.g. extract the URL of an image link, instead of the whole item, add a new image, or edit the title).
• Power users can use Gladys' Files extension to view/edit items in-place from other apps, as well as exporting all items in a ZIP file for sharing.
• Technical users can inspect binary data using the in-built hex viewer, download items pointed to by web links, and even archive web pages.
• Contains no analytics, ratings prompts, or noise.

Gladys is free for casual use (up to 10 simultaneous items). Power users with larger libraries can expand Gladys to hold unlimited items with a 99 cent in-app-purchase.



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Submitted by venova on Thursday, May 10, 2018

What do they mean with drag and drop? I am not sure how to use the app but downloaded it anyway and it seems like a great interface; I just need some instructions of how to use it.

Submitted by Yvonnezed on Thursday, May 10, 2018

In reply to by venova

First, it's entirely possible to use it without ever using drag and drop. Copy and paste and the share sheet are both great ways to get things in and out, which is why it's a handy app on the iPhone as well.

Anyway, drag and drop. You'll have noticed that sometimes, on the actions menu for something like the mail app or the notes app or the files app, there's an option called drag. If you select that, you've picked up the object. Sometimes you can add to the drag session and hold more than one kthing, and sometimes you can't, it depends on the app.

Now you're dragging something, and on an iPad, that means you can go out of the app and drop it somewhere else, in this case, Gladys. As far as I know, this is almost always a copy operation, you won't delete an email dragging it into Gladys, although you can tell Gladys in settings to delete things when you drag them out. Oh, and just to warn you, the standard keyboard doesn't work when your dragging something.

As with all the new stuff in ios 11, it takes some fiddling with, but it does come in handy, to put a link to an email in a reminder, for example. See how you go, and let me know if you have any questions.

Submitted by venova on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Okay, Gladys is now officially a part of my dock.
I find this a very useful utility. I use it a lot. I have bought the unlimited update. I have noticed that it works fine for me with a keyboard, I just need to single tap on the screen on the place where I want to drop the item. Also, copy and paste works. It is very useful because I often read things and remember parts of it and set it aside in my mind but the problem with that is that my memory sucks, so I forget important parts of the information. Now I just set it aside in this app.

Submitted by Rafal on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I have downloaded the app but I cannot copy an email from the default e-mail app. Please give me instructions how to do it. And also I would be glad to read the tutorial of the app. Thanks!

Submitted by Yvonnezed on Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Ffirst, you can't actually copy an email. If you have an iPad, you can drag it the same way you drag anything else. When you do that, you get a bunch of stuff in Gladis, the ones that are useful are the message subject and a link to the message.

You actually also get a copy of the mail, but I haven't found anything that'll read that on iOS yet.

Unfortunately, if you want the text, you'll just have to select it.