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Finally the most effective ad blocker is available! Remove everything that annoys you, accelerate the web and secure your privacy. Adguard supports more than 50 filter subscriptions optimized for Safari. Surf the web safe, fast and ad-free with Adguard!

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may need to wait 10-90 seconds after enabling the content blocker for Safari to start using it.

- Ad blocking. Blocks any kinds of ads; more than 50 (!) various filters are at your service. So say goodbye to annoying stuff like banners, video ads, popups and such.
- Includes popular adblock filter subscriptions - EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboys Annoyances, Malware Domains. Which means double protection both by these and Adguard own filters.
- Regional and other filters. Adguard is the first ad blocker that allows you to use specific regional filters. Which means you can visit websites on different languages - they still will be filtered.
- Blocking of trackers and social widgets. Special filters block all the counters and trackers to protect your privacy and remove excessive social media buttons.
- Speed acceleration. Adguard removes tons of rubbish from the web. And clean pages open faster, you know.

- Have favorite websites that you’d like to support? Just add them to exceptions and Adguard won’t be blocking ads there.
- You can fully manage all Adguard filters, and even add your own!

Adguard is an ad blocking software for various platforms. For more than 6 years Adguard help its users enjoy the Internet the way it should be - safe and clean.

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Accessibility Comments: 

The interface used to manage the filters is completely accessible. Since this is using apple's content blocking API's for safari, VoiceOver will also skip over the content that was blocked, so there are no accessibility problems.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

I wanted to try one of the many iOS ad blockers out there now, and I saw a person retweet the release announcement for this one. apart from the fact it's free, what caught my attention is that adguard can make use of easylist lists, while other similar software like crystal use custom ones made specifically for the app. I've also read reviews that those lists tend to skip over some non-English ads, at least in Poland. Because I use ublock on my desktop browsers I know for a fact I have a lot of success blocking ads with easy lists, plus the regional Polish adblock lists so I gave adguard a try. It seems to do the job very well.

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