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Saturday, May 29, 2021
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Description of App

Passenger Assistance is the new app for requesting assistance for rail travel in Great Britain.

Organise assisted train travel from one easy-to-use app. Input your accessibility requirements and receive travel information.

Easy to use. Download, create an account, and start organising journeys today

Accessible. Covering a range of user requirements

Design in consultation with people putting accessibility first

Passenger Assistance is a new travel app for disabled people that simplifies the process of booking assisted train travel.

With everything in one place users no longer have to use several resources to get the information they need. With the Passenger Assistance app you can:

Request to book assisted journeys

Save time and have everything you need for your journey organised in advance

Plan journeys with confidence

Organise end-to-end assisted train journeys across multiple Train Operating Companies. Passenger Assistance brings all parts of your journey together, removing the need to get information and request booking from multiple sources.

Instead, download the Passenger Assistance app and request to book your journey in advance, and get all the accessibility information you need for stations on your journey.

Setup your profile

Whether you’re a wheelchair user, have an assistance dog or live with a non-visible impairment, simply fill in your profile and provide as much information as you’d like. Whatever your accessibility needs, there’s a space for it all to be listed on your profile.

Tell us about your journey

Let us know where you’ll be travelling to and from, on what day and at which time, so travel staff have all the details they need to make your journey run smoothly.

Assistance sorted

Send your request to book assistance on the app and this will be sent directly to the train operator, who will arrange assistance for you. We will tell you when your booking is confirmed. Then, all you have to do is book your ticket and you’re on your way.

Passenger Assistance was designed by working with disabled people who regularly use assisted rail travel. Sometimes the journey booking process isn’t as easy or transparent as it could be. Passenger Assistance was created and designed to help improve accessibility across Great Britain’s rail network.

The Passenger Assistance app is suitable for anyone wanting to arrange an assisted train journey. This could be for a one-off trip or regular travel for work, school or any other reason.

A lack of certainty around the requesting of assistance can sometimes lead to delays, stress, and low confidence in using rail travel. Passenger Assistance has been created to address and give disabled passengers the flexibility and information needed to organise journeys with confidence.

In the near future, Passenger Assistance will be available for additional modes of transport, making travelling even more accessible.

Download the Passenger Assistance app and be part of the new way to book assisted train travel today!



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All accessible.

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

This app is a great idea, and much simpler than finding out which rail company you’re travelling with and calling their assistance line. I just booked a journey and got my booking confirmation within minutes. My only complaint is that sighted guide isn’t listed as one of the types of assistance you can select. When you sign up and create your profile, you’re asked about your accessibility requirements, and you can specify that you’re visually impaired there, and add any other disabilities. I’m told that if they know you’re visually impaired, they’ll be aware that you might want sighted guide, so not having it on the list isn’t a huge issue. But it’ll give you an error message if you try to book without selecting at least one type of assistance, so you’ll need to either writes something in the notes field or select another type of assistance.


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