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Crystal clear voice and video calls. Chats full of pics, movies, GIFs, music, sketches and more. Always private and secure with end-to-end encryption. FOCUS ON PRIVACY • PRIVATE AND SECURE. Everything you send on Wire is end-to-end encrypted. • NO PROFILING. Wire cannot read your messages, and does not share or sell your data or contact details to anyone. • PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL. Register with phone number on mobile, or with email on desktop, then log in with the same account on mobile. • OPEN SOURCE. Anyone can verify the security of Wire by auditing the code available on GitHub. • MOBILE, TABLET, DESKTOP. Chats are always in sync and you don’t need your phone to log in on desktop. • GROUPS. Wire is great for private and secure group conversations with up to 128 people. • TIMED MESSAGES. Control how long others see your messages, pictures, videos. • DELETE. Posted something to a wrong chat by accident? No problem, delete it from all receiving devices. ALL YOU FAVORITE FEATURES • VOICE AND VIDEO CALLS. Crystal clear quality, developed by the original audio team from Skype. • GROUP CALLS. Add up to 10 people and enjoy the virtual stereo effect (with headphones) to help you understand who’s talking. • AUDIO AND VIDEO MESSAGES. Record and send, or choose a clip from your device. There are even fun audio filters to modify your voice. • GIFS AND SKETCHES. Send a funny GIF or sketch with your finger (try also sketch-on-photo) to send a unique reply. • FILE SHARING. Securely transfer any file from your device, or from cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox. • LOCATION SHARING. Meeting up or giving instructions is easy – just share your current location. • VIDEOS AND MUSIC. Share a Youtube, Vimeo or SoundCloud link in a chat and others can play it without leaving Wire. • LINK PREVIEWS. Share any web link and we will automatically show the page title and a photo from the page (if available). Wire is free. wire.com



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Accessibility Comments

The registration and login process is completely accessible.
Almost all the buttons are not labeled. the conversation view is partially accessible, You can't use swipe to read messages, You'll have to drag your finger over it and it is very unreliable.
When you select someone, a window opens with around 12-14 buttons which are not labeled at all. drag your finger to the top right side of your screen, and you'll find two buttons to the right of your friend's name. the first one to the left is video call, the one to the far right is voice call (The buttons are very small and are in the corner at the top right).
All the other buttons at the bottom are not labeled and i have not completely tested them.
accepting calls are a bit hard a s well, Voiceover gets unresponsive a little.
I will update this information once I play with this app a little more.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads a few page elements.

Button Labeling

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


Some parts of the app are accessible with VoiceOver, but not enough to make it usable.

Other Comments

Wire is an excellent application. It has the potential to catch up to skype and its alternatives. Here's why I love this application and would really want it to improve in terms of accessibility:
1. Encryption and privacy. All your calls and text messages are fully encrypted. in fact, wire's first priority is encryption. I clearly value this and also put it up as my first priority as a feature of a communication application, where I talk to my friends and family and would like noone else to access my data while I do so.
This point is reinforced with the fact that the application is open source and people specially security experts can easily look at the code and see what wire does at its core.
2. You can choose to work with it with a phone number only, with E-Mail only, or you can go ahead and register with your phone number and mail. If you like to automatically have your contacts who have wire in your list, you can give your phone number and register it and bingo, You're all set. This is specially good for friends and family who are not that much technical and would like to set it up as fast as they want.
And of course, If you do not like to register your phone number, You'll set it up with an Email and will talk to other users with their usernames.
3. applications for pc and mac as well as a web client. You really do not see this on other alternative platforms other than skype and a few apps. good thing, all your data will be synced with your devices.
4. amazing quality with 3g connection. I've tested this on the move in the countryside where skype has failed to work. I had a very good line with my friend using this app.
5. A very good working application for android tablets. Whatsapp does not support android tablets officially, and Skype has lots of incompatibilities with them. but guess what, wire has them all covered.
Wire has too many features which are all listed above in the description, but these were the ones that would make me to move over from Skype to it.
Now - Wire has very major accessibility issues, but They look very easy to fix. I really do hope that you guys also submit my feedback to them, and they fix it as soon as possible so we all could use it as well.

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Submitted by Hadi on Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Guys can you let me know what kind of links do i have to provide in my message to their support that are related to voiceover and development? I recall that applevis had some very good articles but I forgot where i can find them.

Submitted by Jakob Rosin on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just so you know, the team is aware of the issues and are working on fixing the accessibility problems. As always, its necessary to send your accessibility feedback, since the more requests there are, the more important this task gets to the team.

Submitted by Hadi on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Yes please, We need more people mailing them.
Honestly, there's one worthy competitor to this application which is Signal. But I do not like signal for one reason: relying on google cloud engine. I guess that says it all.