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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Description of App

Join a global movement to keep beaches, waterways and the ocean trash free. Head out to your favorite beach and use the app to easily record each item of trash you collect. Then share your effort with family and friends.

With Clean Swell, simply “Start Collecting” trash wherever you are around the world and the data you collect will instantaneously upload to Ocean Conservancy’s global ocean trash database. These data deliver a global snapshot of ocean trash, providing researchers and policy-makers insight to inform solutions. Join the thousands of International Coastal Cleanup® volunteers who are working for a cleaner ocean by picking up the millions of pounds of trash that wash onto beaches around the world. Even check out your Cleanup history, so anytime, anywhere you can see the impact you’ve had on making our ocean a cleaner and healthier ecosystem.

* Record every item of trash you collect.
* Share your Cleanup results and impact with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
* Track the location of your Cleanup (only if you have enabled GPS or Location on your device) and your total distance cleaned.
* See the total weight of the trash you collect.
* Keep a historical record of your Cleanup efforts.
* Create ocean trash solutions by contributing to a global database and helping to identify trends.
* Learn scientific facts about the impact of trash on ocean animals and what you can do to help.
Once you download Clean Swell, you will need a valid email address to set up a Clean Swell Account. Your privacy is very important to us, so rest assured that we’ll always keep your details secure.



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Accessibility Comments

Once you create an account with Clean Swell you are brought to its home screen. There is one link "change profile" and a couple of labeled buttons. Press the "Start collecting" button to get started using the app. The Start Clean Up screen asks you a couple of questions about when and what type of clean up you are undertaking. Text edit fields and pickers are all accessible on this screen. Issues arise once you tap the "Start My Collection" button on the bottom.
You are brought to the My Collection screen. There is immediately on the upper right of the screen, an unlabeled button. It takes you to the camera app so presumably you can take a picture of the cleanup area before and after you collect the site. The camera button really isn't critical to how you use the app but the following is. I will explain it here.
Each type of trash you can collect has three voiceover objects. The first is a text field containing the name of the piece of trash and the number of pieces you have collected, the second is an unlabeled button. Each time you double-tap that button, it represents one piece of trash you've collected. The text field updates so you can hear how many pieces of trash of that type you have collected so far. The third object is actually just the label for the unlabeled button. So, for example, the first item on the screen is cigarette butts so you will hear the following three voiceover objects as you swipe left to right.
"Cigarette Butts, 0, dimmed," "Button," "Cigarette Butts."

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

The app requires an internet connection, something that can be unreliable near the ocean so you may have to be patient when you upload your data. I suspect that is why it gets some negative reviews in the app store.

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