Transom Note-Taker for Writers


Description of App: 

Writers rejoice: never lose an idea again. Transom has helped thousands of writers capture and organize their thoughts on the fly. Simply create a note (aka "Thought") and tag it. Then search by tag or keyword to quickly find the right Thought later on. Once you've used a Thought, archive it to declutter your Thoughts list. Questions or feedback? We'd love to hear from you: (Apologies and respect to the great Joseph Heller, from whose "Catch-22" and we stole excerpts to fill the App-Store screenshots.)

Apple Watch Support: 

Not Known


Free or Paid: 


Device(s) App Was Tested On: 


iOS Version: 


Accessibility Comments: 

Everything works except deleting and editing tags. I reviewed the app and got a response yesterday, saying that you had to swipe on a piece/tag to edit/delete it. No matter what I tried I couldn't get it to work with VO so I updated my review with more details and recommended they checked out this sight. It wasn't always broken, it used to work fully with voiceover before a certain update though I can't remember which one exactly it was.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver, but the interface could be easier to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

I used to use this app a lot before it was broken, and really enjoyed it. That's why I'm making this entry, I want this app to be fixed so I can use it again.