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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Description of App

Month Calendar is an amazing and simple way to manage your calendar. You get a brilliant overview at a glance when planning. Use decorations to add color and icons to your events. Month Calendar gives you powerful yet easy ways to browse, organize, edit, and share your calendars.

Month Calendar has the overview you would expect from your large wall calendar, not a smartphone screen.

• In Month Calendar you continuously scroll weeks or even months with a flick of your finger.
• You are still able to zoom in (just double tap) and get detailed in-place overview of a week or day.
• All accomplished in the same overview.
• This makes the calendaring tasks you do much easier to achieve.
• You don't need a lot of different views of your calendar to change between. You need one that is absolutely awesome. Month Calendar, because it's that simple.

• Tap and hold on an event to cut, copy, or edit directly from the month view.
• Tap and hold on a day to paste or add a new event.

• Use color and icons and other decorations to personalize your Month Calendar and get the best overview.
• Decorations are matched to the event texts given your search terms. If a match is found the selected color and icon is shown with event.
• This way for instance an event for a haircut can be shown as a scissor icon instead of text.
• Also you could have your vacation calendar shown as just a vertical line to the right and left for the day, and hide the event completely.
• This helps to organize your month overview because it ensures more room for other events.
• It makes your Month Calendar visual and compelling, and gets you that convenient overview at a glance.
• Decorations are configured once and after this it works with all your events, both new and old.

• With Month Calendar you can browse your events in the past and plan into the future.
• You can search all your events in the month view and instantly find what your are looking for.
• Get the birthdays for all your contacts right in Month Calendar with picture and age.
• Get a birthday alarm and easy access to send a fun birthday message.
• See the four phases of the moon in month view and day view.
• Get beautiful information on sunrise, sunset and day length for your location right in day view, as well as a details page.

Through Premium Calendars subscription you have access to thousands of quality calendars:
• Holidays: Choose from over 200 countries, 700 regions and school holidays worldwide. This is excellent information when planning ahead.
• Sport events: Football, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Autosports, the Olympics, Tennis ... you name it. All enhanced with live-scores and results. Never miss a game or forget the score again.
• Religion: Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Jewish (among others) holy days, holidays, festivals and prayer times.
• Namedays: Add the name of the day to your Month Calendar. Available for a number of countries.
• Finance: All major events like shareholder meetings and dividend payments from 5 000 listed companies.
Premium Calendar subscription requires in-app purchase to use.

• Month Calendar works seamlessly with your exsisting calendars right away.
• If you are already using iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo!, Aol,, Facebook Events or other calendar accounts supported on your iPhone, Month Calendar just works.
• Month Calendar is also an iPad app and it will synchronize your devices using iCloud.
• Month Calendar supports shared calendars as well, this way you can share calendars with your family and friends in a safe way.

• The unique way of presenting days and events in Month Calendar is actually the most natural and intuitive way as well.
• It makes Month Calendar particularly useful for VoiceOver users.
• We have been taking great care to ensure the calendar works great with VoiceOver.



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Accessibility Comments

This is extremely accessible with VoiceOver, and has actually replaced the stock calendar app as my first choice - it’s more intuitive and the interface is quicker and easier to use with VoiceOver.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.


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Submitted by Dustee on Monday, December 1, 2014

Hi all:

I have read everything about Month Calendar and decided that it looked like a good choice. I suspect that it is, but I'm a little thick! When I open a day and select add; to put in information I don't see anywhere to save the event. only cancel or add. Add just seems to start me all over again. Using VO how at a glance do I hear appointment for a given day, week etc.? I know I have other questions, but for now....

I've had my phone for 9 months and I'm reasonably comfortable with it. I did come kicking and screaming, but that's a granddad's rant for another time.

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