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Thursday, February 11, 2021
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Description of App

NetNewsWire is a free and open source RSS reader. It’s fast, stable, and accessible.

NetNewsWire shows you articles from your favorite blogs and news sites — and keeps track of what you’ve read.

If you’ve been going from page to page in your browser looking for new articles to read, let NetNewsWire bring them to you instead.

If you’ve been getting your news from Facebook and Twitter — with their ads, algorithms, and user tracking — get your news from your favorite sites directly, and more reliably, with NetNewsWire.

Take back control of your news. And have fun doing it!


* Direct feed-downloading

* Syncing via Feedbin and Feedly

* Multiple accounts

* Dark Mode

* Reader view

* Share sheet

* Starred articles

* All Unread and Today smart feeds

* Folders

* Importing and exporting OPML feed lists

* Background refreshing

* Searching

* Hiding read articles

* Timeline customization

* Keyboard shortcuts

* Context menus

* Support for multiple windows



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Accessibility Comments

Very accessible to use.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Many Mac users may have heard of the NetNewsWire as this has been around for a long time on the platform. When I first heard that it was coming to the iOS. I was very excited to give this a spin. As I have been a long-time user and a fan of the Lire and Newsify that I wasn’t quite sure if it would have enough for me to pull away of something, I’ve used every day for years. That time has changed. NetNewsWire is now my go to RSS Reader of choice on the iOS. I was truly amazed how accessible this app was right out of the box on its opening day. You can really tell that accessibility was put into this. As various places have rotor options that clearly shows me that this was on purpose. This is an open source program which I am always a huge fan of software that are open sourced. Being completely free and has zero ads and no in-app purchases should be an indicator or least raise your eye browse. It is simple without a lot of settings or places to find things. You really can access everything on and from the main page. One of the biggest sellers for me is that not only is it free. But they offer something called the Reader feature. This is something that you generally must pay for or least buy an in-app purchases in other Rss readers. The Reader feature is like the full text that you find in other readers. The configurations and the many options it was a no brainer for me to be converted.

The only downside of this posting and I hope they will expand on. Is the fact it only supports two services like Feedly and Feeddler. Although, I am a Feeddler user myself. It really didn’t impact me much, but I think they need to offer more services so that others can convert over easily. The other downside is that there is no discovery or a feature that helps me to find Rss feeds. You will need to hunt for those Rss feeds yourself but the NetNewsWire does offer the ability of the Shared Sheet. Maning, if you find an RSS feed that you can pass that along straight to the app to add.

Give this a spin! Love to hear your thoughts and comments on the app.

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Submitted by WellF on Sunday, November 22, 2020

I downloaded the app this morning and I'm just amazed at it's accessibility. So good when you can just open and use, no worries with workarounds to unlabelled stuff or weird interfaces.