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The premier tracking application for Skiers and Snowboarders. NEWS • Top Ski Navigation Application on the iPhone. • Most popular Ski Application with an average 4.7 Star rating. • UK #1 Featured Snow Sports Application. Thank you to all the users of Ski Tracks for your support, tracks/photographs and the great feedback you have sent us. ------------ Take your iPhone Skiing and Snowboarding this season with the most professional tracking application on the market. Just press the START button and put your phone in your pocket to record your day. ------------ FEATURES: • Battery Friendly with Battery Monitor - Records up to 14 hours. • Tracks without the need for a cellular data or phone signal. • Take/receive calls and text while tracking. • Run by Run Ski Analysis. • Comprehensive Ski Stats and Profile Graphs. • Animated Preview in Maps and 3D Google Earth. • Maps with Standard and Satellite modes. • Add photographs to track. • Share tracks in Facebook or Google Earth . • Metric and Imperial units. • On touch backup for all your tracks. * NEW * ------------ BATTERY FRIENDLY - RECORD YOUR WHOLE DAY Unlike many other tracking applications Ski Tracks is designed to use less power and will last all day (1). Ski Tracks also includes a battery monitor - stopping tracking and audio if your battery level gets too low - this reduces the possibility of that end of day dead phone. NO DATA OR PHONE SIGNAL REQUIRED FOR TRACKING Unlike many other ski applications Ski Tracks does not require any data or phone signal for Tracking. So enjoy your skiing or riding without worrying about data costs. (See Note 2) iOS BACKGROUND COMPLIANT APPLICATION iPhone 3Gs/4/4s/5 users can run Ski Tracks in background and while phone is locked. Continue to take and receive calls/text or run other applications while tracking. ACCURATE SKI/SNOWBOARD STATS Ski Tracks uses special algorithms designed for mountain users to accurately calculate your speed, slope angle and ski vertical. RUN-BY-RUN Want to check your last run maximum speed or duration or even your last ascent then use the Run-by-Run analysis tool and Ski Tracks will break up your day into runs and lifts. SHARE Why not share your Ski day in Facebook or how about emailing a file that will preview your entire day in 3D on Google Earth™. MAPS Standard and Satellite maps are available for displaying your track, track runs, start, finish and photographs. Use the preview mode to playback your entire day. PHOTOGRAPHS Take photographs and they are automatically geo-tagged to your Track. ------------ Note 1. iPhone 3Gs (9 hours), iPhone 4 (12 hours). iPhone 4s/5 (14 hours) - actual recording length dependant on battery condition, temperature, other background applications and phone usage. Note 2. Ski Tracks does not need data or a phone signal to record your day, the location system on the iPhone may from time to time use data for location fixes, we have no control over this. THEREFORE WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND SETTING DATA ROAMING OFF IF YOU ARE USING YOUR PHONE ABROAD AND TURN OFF CELLULAR DATA IF YOU ARE ON A FIXED DATA PLAN. ------------ As with all GPS receivers the quality of GPS signal can vary depending on the amount of visible sky, satellite positions, foliage, weather conditions etc. GPS will not reliably work indoors. For more information please checkout and download the User Guide from our web site. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. For more further information please check out the Support URL. Need more information, support or anything related to Skiing/Snowboarding then email us at: Email:



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Accessibility Comments

The app is fully accessible. The only hard part about using this app for blind users is the complexity of the information displayed on the first page. I will give you a short description here. If you place your finger on the top center of the screen you will hear the ski area. If you slide your finger left from there you will find the edge of the screen. Go down until the app says "down pointing triangle. xxxxx" where xxxxx is some other text. The tracking information for this will be below the triangle. Slide your finger down. The phone says the number. Follow this for all others. If there is no down pointing triangle then the number should be directly below this. There is one exception for the above description. The average speed one has a down pointing triangle but the number is to the right. Some of the other numbers like runs max pitch and time don't have triangles but are present their information below. Some of the flick right to move accrost the screen is rendered wrong. So don't be surprized if you flick right on something like assent and hear 6.4, use your judgement.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

Have fun. remember though just cause you are blind doesn't mean you can go blasting through a crowd of people at mock one speeds and others no mater their skill level have the right to use the hill. Don't try to go faster than you feel comfortable with skiing or your Gide feels comfortable skiing. when viewing your stats on the chair it is best to take one glove off and grasp the phone firmly with another hand. then use your finger to navigate. It is useful on cold days to ask someone to look at the screen for you. If you have the proximity sensor on and your hand goes over it the screen will not respond. Therefore don't freak if you move your hand towards the top of the phone and voice over seems not to work. just remove your hand and then try again.


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