Description of App: 

PlaySections is an audio/video player that allows you to freely set marks and play back specific sections of your audio/video files. For example, while you're playing music, you can insert marks where the song transitions between the verse and the chorus, dividing the song into sections. Then you can pick a section from the generated section list and listen to any part of the song.

For each section title, you can enter multiple lines of text. As a result, in addition to verse/chorus labels, you can make notes about the chord progression, measure count, lyrics, and so on, offering a tool that you can use for many purposes.

PlaySections supports section and song loop playback, allowing you to listen to your favorite section on loop. It also features useful functionality including tempo/playback speed adjustment, pitch shift, vocal cancellation, 7 band equalizer, and flip video, making it a perfect app to use in instrument, vocal, or dance practice, or when playing music by ear.

Not only can it read files from the iOS Music Library, but by using the Share Extension/Open-in functionality, you can import files from other applications. For example, you can load a recording from the Voice Memo app that comes standard on the iPhone, letting you create and play back a section list for a song that you performed yourself. Even more, you can use it to study a new language, or to prepare meeting notes.

Many uses
- Set marks for intro, verses, chorus, instrumental solo
- Set chord progressions and lyrics for each section
- Practice of playing musical instruments, singing, and dancing
- Analyze music structure, chords for music dictation
- Great for language learners, transcription from audio files of meeting/conference

Feature Highlights
- Music Library Integration
- Waveform scroll
- Section Marks
- Section title edit
- Loop playback (section, song)
- Speed control (-50% to +200%)
- Pitch control (-12 to +12)
- 7 bands EQ control (-24dB to +12dB)
- FX (vocal cancel)
- Flip Video
- Share Extension, Open-in support (File import)
- Remote control access
- Low latency playback (Audio Unit support)
- Supports all major audio/video formats (AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF….)
- Background playback
- VoiceOver



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Accessibility Comments: 

It is easy to use with VoiceOver.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

On the playback screen:

To set a mark,
activate "Insert section mark" button located at lower right corner.
If editing mode is locked, that button is read "Next section" button.

To change the editing mode,
activate "Unlock editing" button located at upper right corner.

Section marks are listed on upper part of screen.
"0 seconds, Intro" is automatically set.
Activate the mark, you can move the playing position.
You can find choose some action menu by 1-finger swipe up or down on each mark.

The media control buttons are located on lower part of screen.

For loop section playback,
activate "Loop" button, there are three modes.
"Loop one section"
It plays repeatedly between the next and previous section.
"Loop all sections"
It plays repeatedly that audio or video.
"Loop off"
No repeat.

To control the speed, pitch, FX, EQ,
activate "Open menu" button.
Each icons are displayed above the media control buttons.
Select one of them, you can adjust value above the menu icons.
For vocal cancellation, when you select FX,
"Vocal Cancel" button is appeared.

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