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So you want to play tabla. Got lehra? Well, we have a whole bunch for you! Our Lehra player is just waiting to accompany you. Tired of harmonium lehras? Not to worry, he can also play the violin, flute or Santoor! ________________________________________ ◆ Universal app - buy once and run on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! ◆ Newly redesigned for iOS 7 & iOS 8 ◆ WITH INTEGRATED AUTO-TUNER! ◆ NOTE: This does NOT play Tabla, it ◆ provides accompaniment for tabla solos ________________________________________ And the reviews are in: ***** "Wow, lehra in my pocket!" ***** "Fantastic, keep up the good work!" ***** "Simple yet pretty interface" ***** "Good natural sound" ***** "Great concept, EXCELLENT execution" ________________________________________ ◆ ABOUT THE TABLA & LEHRA ◆ The Tabla is a percussion instrument widely used in Indian Classical music both as a solo instrument and as an accompaniment to vocal or instrumental music. When played as a solo instrument, the tabla is accompanied (usually on the harmonium or sarangi) by a continuous cyclical musical phrase or riff called the "Lehra" or "Nagma" (ostinato in western music) that keeps track of the "aavartan" or rythmic cycle in the chosen "taal". ________________________________________ ◆ AND NOW PRESENTING - iLehra ◆ iLehra was the first electronic Lehra / Nagma player for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and its now available on the iPad as well! It provides accurate as well as pleasing lehra accompaniment for a wide variety of taals and raags on the Harmonium, Santoor, Violin, or the Flute. Innovative features include tanpura auto-tuned to the chosen lehra/raag, presets, tap-tempo, metronome, and extremely intuitive controls. See the iLehra website for a YouTube demo: ________________________________________ ◆ KEY FEATURES ◆ √ Plays 109 Lehras in 55+ raags for 25 taals √ Taals included: Ada Chautaal(14), Basant Taal(9), Chartal-ki-Sawari(11), Chautaal(12), Dadra(6), Deepchandi(14), Dhamar(14), Ektaal(12), Faradost/Firdost(14), Ganesh Taal(21), Jhaptaal(10), Jhoomra(14), Keherva(8), Matta Taal(9), Pancham Sawari(15), Rudra Taal(11), Rupak(7), Sooltaal(10), Teentaal(16), as well as general lehras for 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 13, and 18 beats. √ Beautiful, realistic lehras on Harmonium, Violin, Flute, or Santoor! √ Full octave of pitch adjustments from C through B √ INTEGRATED AUTO-TUNER: Auto-Tune iLehra to your tabla, or use it to tune other instruments (microphone capability required such as iPhone built-in mic or 2nd/3rd generation iPod Touch with external microphone) √ BACKGROUND PLAY: Start playing the lehra and switch to another app, or play along with iPod music √ TAP TEMPO: just tap the beats on the bottom display and watch iLehra sync up! √ PRESETS: save your frequently-used combinations of pitch, taal, lehra, instrument & tempo as named presets. And now you can also export/import presets via email or iTunes File Sharing. √ Extremely accurate tempo tested to within 1 milli-second √ Each lehra has three variations for slow, medium and fast tempos for more natural-sounding lehras √ Beautiful tanpura auto-tuned to pitch and raag of lehra √ Optional Metronome click-track with different sounds for matras, taalis & khaalis √ Wide range of tempo from 15 to 500 bpm √ Automatic range selection (vilambit, madhya, drut) based on tempo slider √ Extremely precise control of fine-tuning and tempo by clicking on the slider endpoints (- or +). Every click changes the tempo by 1 cent or 1 bpm √ x/2 & 2x buttons to quickly halve or double the tempo √ For even easier control, simply double-tap on the pitch or tempo slider to get a popup picker wheel √ Displays current matra being played √ Can be used with speakers, headset, or the internal speaker. A high-quality speaker dock or bluetooth speaker is recommended for maximum effect. ________________________________________


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IOS 14.6

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iPod Touch

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This app is very accessible with voiceover and very easy to use.

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VoiceOver reads all page elements.

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All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

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Great app for tabla Accompaniment


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