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GCN is the fastest growing talk radio network in the world. Founded in 1997 it was developed to promote the importance of investing in precious metals. In a short time GCN has grown with more than 70 nationally syndicated programs. GCN's programs range from politics, world issues, and economics, to medicine, farming, gardening, home improvement, travelling, automobiles, and more.

Thanks to the dedicated listeners, the demand for GCN's hard hitting talk radio is continually increasing. Currently GCN reaches millions of listeners each day on our website worldwide; through our Listen Live Online player, On Demand player, Listen Line, mobile apps, archives and podcasts. We broadcast across the 48 continental states to more than 780 AM & FM stations. GCN broadcasts in the top markets including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, San Bernadino and Washington D.C.. Through AM and FM stations, internet streams, and satellite feeds; GCN gains thousands of new listeners each day.

With On Demand when the program is live you will hear the live broadcast. When the live broadcast is finished it will go into a continuous play loop and will keep repeating until the next time the show airs live.
So no matter where you are, you can take your favorite programs with you.

Alex Jones Show
America Tonight
Americas Healthcare Advocate
Amerika Now
Angelique Allen Show
Auto World AM
Auto World
Baldwin McCullough Show
The Bright Side
Building America
Bullet Wire
Call To Decision
Dani Johnson Show
Dead Doctors Dont Lie
Doc Love Show
Doctors Orders
Dr Asa On Call
Dr Bob Martin Show
Dr Coldwell Opinion Radio
Dr Daliah Show
Easy Organic Gardener
Erskine Overnight
Ethan Bearman Show
Fire Your MD Now
Flow Of Wisdom
Free Talk Live
Freedom Feens
Good Day
Go Vegan Radio
Herb Talk
Home Talk
Homeland Security Radio
Jason Lewis Show
Jim Browns Common Sense
Josh Tolley Show
Karel Show
Katherine Albrecht
Korelin Economics Report
KrisAnne Hall Show
Lady Talk Live
Lets Play Doctor
Magic Garden
Marilu Show
Mike Siegel Show
My Cool Inventions
Nutrimedical Report
Paul Parent Garden Club Show
Phils Gang
Power Hour
Radio Detective
Radio Liberty
Redding News Review
Robert Scott Bell Show
Shattering Myths
Sons of Liberty
Steve Deace
Steve Sanchez Show
Steve Shenk Show
Talk Radio Countdown
Tech Night Owl Live
The Take
Don McDonald Show
Truth Frequency Radio
Truth Trial
Truth Traveler
Uncommon Awareness
USA Prepares
Whatcha Got
Whats On Your Mind
World Crisis Radio



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Accessibility Comments

This app is fully accessible and works great with VoiceOver

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Nothing hard to memorize in this app.
When you launch the app, their are only two buttons to be concerned with on the main screen. The play/pause button which is in the middle of the screen, and the menu button which is on the top left corner of the phone.
When you double tap the menu button, you have two feeds to choose from. If you swipe left to right, you will hear the following feeds. For example: GCN Live is the first feed you'll run in too, and if you swipe right, you will hear Alex Jones.
Their are other feeds in that list if you keep swiping to the right. Double tap on which feed you want to hear and then you'll be put on that broadcast's screen. Swipe to the right until you hear VoiceOver say Play, then double tap and enjoy. When you want to switch streams, repeat the process.


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