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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Description of App

Blood sugar control is often the central theme when it comes to diabetes management. Diabetes Buddy is built to help you manage your diabetes by –
√Tracking the factors that influence your blood sugar level

  • Monitoring the fluctuations
  • Planning ahead accordingly
  • Sharing your data with your doctor


  • Put together your daily carb intake, glucose, water consumption, weight directly on the calendar.
  • Built-in offline powerful food database that you can add food consumed for direct carb calculation.
  • Log and monitor your glucose levels.
  • Log your insulin injections.
  • Log your medications.
  • Manage your activities and exercises.
  • Mange glasses of water you consumed for the day.
  • Track your weight and BMI changes.
  • Budget your daily carb allowance.
  • Retina display
  • Backup and restore over WiFi
  • Integrated with Twitter.
  • Use passcode to protect your data.
  • Support both US and SI units.


  • Powerful offline food database with over 200,000 foods for common food, restaurant food and branded food.
  • Add and manage your custom foods.
  • Build recipes with combinations of foods in the database.
  • No internet required to access food database.
  • Monitor other nutrition for each food, including Calories, Protein, Fiber, Sugar, Cholesterol, Sodium, etc.
  • Easy-to-use food search.
  • Email your daily food intake to your doctor as email.

Proper diabetes management can help you lead a full and active life. Let Diabetes Buddy help you manage it better.

Newly Diagnosed - “This program has been a Godsend to get me on the right path to managing my diabetes.”

Jatka - “I just started using this app a month ago and already it has helped track and better follow my diabetes. This is amuse for the carb counting insulin user.”

M-Cyclonut - “I find this to be a great tool in keeping track and organized. It just takes a couple minutes for each entry and it’s always at your fingertips for quick reviewing.”



Free or Paid


Apple Watch Support

Not Known

Accessibility Comments

Works beautifully! All buttons clearly labeled. A one stop program...can keep track of your carbs, diabetes, calories, exercise and meds.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Love it! Seems Fully accessible. Really great I can keep track of all my stuff in one ap and then can keep a record of it via excel or email. My doc loves it!


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