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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Description of App

The CVS/caremark™ app lets you refill mail service prescriptions, track order status, view prescription history and more. You must have CVS/caremark prescription benefits to use the app: If you’re not sure, check your health insurance plan information to confirm.

Features include:

• Refill mail service prescriptions without registering or signing in (Easy Refill)
• Submit new mail order prescription
• See number of refills due and orders in progress without signing in
• Check order status
• Renew or request new mail service prescriptions
• Check drug costs and coverage
• View prescription history
• Find a pharmacy in your network
• View your member ID Card (if provided by plan design)
• Identify unknown pills
• Check for potential drug interactions
• Update account information; shipping and billing information, manage family access, and reset password
• Touch ID sign in for easy access to your account and key app features

If you already use, your existing username and password will also work on the app. If not, you can register directly on the app and use your new username and password on the website.

** We're here to help you get the prescriptions you need when you need them. If you like this service, please take a moment to review our app.**
Caremark, L.L.C. Web Site.

What's New in Version 4.5

- Check Drug Costs - quickly price previously filled prescriptions
- Bug fixes

We're here to help you get the prescriptions you need when you need them. If you like this service, please take a moment to review our app.
If you experience issues with this app please email for assistance.



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Apple Watch Support

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iOS Version


Device(s) App Was Tested On


Accessibility Comments

Works pretty well with voiceover, the identify unknown pill section is not really that accessible with a couple of unlabeled buttons upon double tapping I couldn't get them to do anything, but overall the main features of the app work well with voiceover. There's a button next to the home button that just says lock icon, double tap that if you want to sign out of your account.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

Like I mentioned above the main features of this app are accessible.


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Submitted by Ekaj on Thursday, May 20, 2021

Hi. I just received another shipment of meds yesterday that were ordered for me upon request. Does this app include Spoken RX or is that separate? Yesterday's shipment seems to contain meds in bottles with RFID tags. I already have Scriptalk and really like it, but I want to do a bit of comparing and contrasting? Thanks.

Submitted by Christopher on Thursday, May 20, 2021

For almost the last 3 and a half years, I've constantly been trying to ask my local CVS to get on board with the Script Talk program, but they evidently refuse. Not only that, but they usually don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about. When I called their toll free main corporate number, they didn't know either much about it. They knew about the service, but said they couldn't do anything about it, as it's up to the local franchise location if they want to support it or not. I told them that the local location I used didn't even know what on earth I was talking about. Further, the last pharmacist I spoke with there told me, if I'm blind, why not just get a care giver to not only read me my meds, but even go as far as to administer them to me. Never mind it's not like its an injection or something I'd need help with. It's just a pill for God sake! Needless to say, I left and switched to Wallgreens after that stupidity. I'm not putting up with that buillshit. My Wallgreens doesn't have script Talk either at this point, however the guy there I usually wind up getting when I pick up my meds knows exactly what the program is, and even apparently knows who to contact to figure out how to get their franchise enrolled. So, we shall see. Further, there's free Aira access across all locations, so yeah, that's just another reason I switched. Anyway, yeah, if anyone knows how to insure that regardless my pharmacy of choice, I can get onboard with script talk, then let me know, as I really really want to get set up with that, if possible. Even my own doctor had no idea how to get involved.

Submitted by Troy on Saturday, May 22, 2021

In reply to by Christopher

I think it's time we the blind community start advocating to allow insurance companies to let us use pharmicy of choice. I love walgreens but can not use them because my insurance won't allow it and I can only use cvs and right aid only. I'm actually surprised that no one is advocating for something like this, or maybe someone has but it hasn't been enough to make it an issue.

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