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Download the app USA Today calls “invaluable” and Time lists as one of 50 Must-Have Apps. It has also been named a 2013 Webby Awards Honoree. Also featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times,, Reuters, CNET, Fast Company, TechCrunch, and more. Users love it too: •“at the top of the best new app list” – Didi1360 •It’s “the TV app I was waiting for since before apps were a thing.” - Robert Reed •“Love the Watchlist & New Tonight features. This app beats other TV apps by far.” – Betty960 •“keeps all of my shows organized” – Zach Crandell TV Guide’s new official app for the iPhone®, IPad® and iPod touch ® is your one-stop, 24/7 TV companion and our best listings guide ever. It makes TV simple again – anywhere, anytime. Your feedback was instrumental in the creation of many cool new features and we’re excited for you to see them. Please keep your feedback coming – what you love, what you don’t and what you want to see next. Highlights: • Watchlist - your super-personalized TV Guide: Organize your favorite shows, sports teams, movies, and actors and find where you can watch them – on TV, on demand, streaming and DVD. • Video: Link to watch TV and movies instantly on ABC, ABC Family, CW, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, MAX Go, Crackle and iTunes. Watch now, anywhere, anytime. • New Tonight: What's new in prime time with three handy filters: 1. All new shows 2. Trending – a social hot list based on what TV Guide users are watching 3. Watchlist – only your favorite shows • Listings: Detailed info about every airing with the ability to: 1.Set up alerts and never miss a live airing 2.Easily personalize your Watchlist 3.Filter by HD-only and favorite channels 4.Check-in and share what you're watching with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and more • Exclusive content: The best in breaking news, features, videos and photos, curated by TV Guide's editors • News Watchlist filter: Get news customized just for you • One account: users can enjoy the convenience of one linked account and TV Guide for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Set up individual accounts for every member of your family. •We've optimized our app for iOS 5 and above. Users with iOS 4.x can continue using TV Guide Mobile 2.2.1 and below.



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Accessibility Comments

This app is very accessible. setup and navigation is very easy. I would suggest setting up a favorites list and making it the default display for faster navigation.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments

Updated my thoughts on this app yet again. This app is very accessible now!

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Submitted by DougS on Thursday, March 15, 2012

As stated in the original post, you sometimes have a problem when you go to add a channel to your favorites list. I got a near perfect result when adding favorites by first searching for the desired channel. For example, I looked for MSNBC. The app returned MSNBC both in standard and HD. I would add the standard one to my favorites and search for the next channel and so on untill I had my list like I wanted it. Thank you so much Tim for putting me on to this app.

I updated this listings accessibility comments as well as the description from the app store. What's New in Version 3.1.2 Thank you as always for your continued feedback. In this version, we’ve made various improvements including: • Resolves issue with iPad rotation in iOS5 • Show alert performance quality enhancements • Bug fix for Facebook permission errors • Enhanced results for video search • Photo and video stabilization on the iPad • Performance updates in featured content such as Spring Preview • Feedback form bug fixed • Design updates • Other improvements and bug fixes based on user feedback

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Friday, February 7, 2014

I am confused as to how to add shows to my watch list. Sometimes, when I click the "add to watch list" button, it doesn't say "selected" and it doesn't add to my watch list. Other times, it does say "selected" and does add to my watch list. There seems to be no patter to this. Can someone please help me figure out how to consistently add programs to my watch list? Is there a way? Please let me know!

Submitted by Usman on Monday, February 10, 2014

I'm noticing that the current update is pretty laggy. Moreover, the app appears to completely freeze when scrolling and nearing the end of the current list or grid or timeline. This is especially the case when browsing listings for a certain channel. I am running this on my iPhone 5s. Is anyone else facing the same issue or have possible fixes or work arounds?

Submitted by Usman on Friday, February 14, 2014

Hi there, Not sure if others are noticing this as well but my new tonight and today's live sports also fails to load. It just sits there and when I tap on reload, it does nothing.

Submitted by Amber on Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This app used to be very accessible. It was so easy to find channels and scroll through them. Now, if you scroll down through channels, when you try to scroll back up it just refreshes the page and doesn't take you up at all. Also, out of nowhere, a menu will pop up on the left side of the screen that gets in the way of the channel list. And another thing, if you click on a channel to see what shows they're showing for the day or whatever, it won't even come up half the time. It's gotten really cluttery, laggy, and a lot less easy to use with voiceover. I just emailed the developers and told them my issues with it and am hoping for a response, but I was curious if anyone else had this problem as well. If so, is there another app that is easier to use and isn't all cluttered up? I wish there was an app that just showed you tv listings without all that other junk in the way. This one used to be like that, and if you wanted access to the other features you could go to the other tabs. Now that other junk gets in the way of the channel and program names. Maybe I'm not doing something right, I don't know. But what do you guys think?

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Monday, June 9, 2014

In reply to by Amber

Yes, I have had all of the issues you mentioned, though I don't know of another app that works better. Despite the issues, I still am fine with using the app.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Sunday, July 13, 2014

Since, oftentimes, finding support links on web sites to directly contact companies is quite difficult, I was wondering if anyone had a direct link to do so for TV Guide? If so, could they please post it here? Also, has anyone contacted TV Guide about accessibility issues? If not, and if this is possible, I would encourage you to do so!

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Sunday, July 13, 2014

Not sure if anyone has brought this up, yet, but...

When I go to search through Listings, it *always* says, no matter what I search, even if I *know* there should be search results, "No Results". This *must* be an accessibility issue? Is anyone else having the same problem?

Submitted by Usman on Sunday, July 13, 2014

Searching is now problematic due to the above mentioned bug, as well as the following:
When I try double tapping to get into the search box, the adjustment of the times you want to see pops up and I can't get out of it. This seems to be a focus problem more than anything I believe.
Another bug I've noticed is while scrolling, the app seems to freeze and the focus gets stuck in the status bar. Has anyone else encountered these problems as well?

Submitted by themusicman08 on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I had heard a podcast on this app and decided to download it. I tried to sign in with either Twitter, or Facebook. Neither times were successful. I had spoken with the user of the podcast on Skype to let them know about problems I was having and also had asked questions. We tried to set favorites up for me from different channels and alerts. Neither of those options worked either. I tried an e-mail set up and that was unsuccessful.
We had both written TV Guide and we did not receive a reply. I had also sent out tweets to them on twitter and didn't get a reply that way either. So, i took the app off my IPod touch.
I am very disappointed that they didn't write back and didn't want to hear input from folks that use VoiceOver.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Sunday, September 20, 2015

I've had TV Guide for a while now and all seems to work for me...EXCEPT I have had some issues with, when I tab from a station to the listings after it, it sometimes reads the wrong listing for the wrong channel. For instance, I might go to "channel 10" but the listing that's read after it after I tab over is the program listing for "channel 23". This happens with relative frequency but not all the time. Less frequently, I'll also get an outright blank screen whil scrolling through listings. AGain, however, these things are not (yet) dealbreakers. In the first case, I just have to listen to more of each listing read to make sure what channel it goes with.

yes, this app used to be much better/more VoiceOver stable in its last iteration.

Submitted by Usman on Thursday, October 1, 2015

The latest update to this app has appeared to have broken accessibility. The horror started when opening the app after the first time after downloading the update. It was utterly impossible to get through the enitial tour. I had to turn off voiceover and tap around the screen to get passed it.
Then being able to access listings also proved to be a huge task. After finally being able to locate the listings tab, the channels were not all appearing despite them being there. However, some channels were able to be displayed but they also presented several issues. An example of one is not being able to access channel lineups. Whenever I double tapped on a particular channel, it simply brought up the program information for what the channel was presently showing. I could not figure out how to access actual channel lineups. I am very disappointed that accessibility has been broken so thoroughly in an app that I relied on so heavily to get my listings. I am hoping they fix these issues and restore the app back to the way it was.

Submitted by Usman on Thursday, October 1, 2015

After playing with it some more, the problem is more serious than I first thought. VO almost consistently fails to read any of the channels in channel listings. All I get are clicks. I am warning those who haven't updated not to update to the latest version as it is completely broken.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

OK, so, the latest version of this app has experienced quite the downgrade in accessibility, certainly as far as the Listings go.

When you go to a row with the channel read first and then the next few shows, very often, the channel name is not read, only the number. Furthermore, you can only select the first show in each row. As far as I know, there is no way to select the show after that or to select the entire channel to get all its listings.

Can anyone help with this? Are there any work-arounds?

I plan to and I encourage others to contact TV Guide about this decreased accessibility.

Submitted by Greg Wocher on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I have seen several emails on the iPhone lists I am on concerning this. TVGuide is aware of the problem and is working on a fix for their next update. I still would encourage people to send them a bug report so maybe it will get done faster.

Greg Wocher

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Agreed. The more people who write to apps like this, the more they'll realize how many blind users there are who are effected. Strength in numbers, as they say.

Submitted by Usman on Thursday, October 8, 2015

As far as I know, the app no longer refreshes automatically. I found the only way to make it refresh listings is by closing and reopening the app. Yet another problem with this latest update. Utterly frustrating...

Submitted by themusicman08 on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

As stated earlier, I tried to contact the app developer's about accessibility and the fact that the app was broken. I ended up finding another tv app that I saw on this list and use that now. I was very disappointed that TV guide's website claims that they have discontinued the product and that they're customer service doesn't have a department designed to help with the app. Just the magazine.
I hope the update gets better with alot of feedback. And yes, i agree there is strength in numbers. But, how many times can you say things are worse if they keep breaking something that worked?

Submitted by Usman on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Given the app has been updated twice since accessibility was broken, I would hardly say it is not being supported. I'm anxiously awaiting the update that resolves voiceover problems.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Monday, November 23, 2015

When I went to the Listings, I found that VoiceOver was not reading the proper listings after the proper channels. For example, the listing for Discovery Channel appeared after the listing for CNN. This occurs all throughout the listings. Indeed, this very same thing seems to have happened in previous versions.

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this same situation and, if so, if they have found a workaround. If they are, I would also encourage all of them to write to TV Guide to let them know ifthis accessibility issue.

Submitted by Usman on Monday, November 23, 2015

I have in fact reported this to them so they are aware of it.

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Thursday, December 10, 2015

I once again ask you guys the question: How do I contact TV Guide to let them know about these current issues??? And, I mean, other than through Twitter.

I tried searching Google for their support page but nothing was there when I clicked the link!

Could someone please provide a direct link/way to contact them?!

I have asked this before and never got a response!

Please respond!

Thank you!!

Submitted by Misty Dawn on Thursday, December 10, 2015

In reply to by Usman

Problem is I don't have a bluetooth keyboard and I really don't want to spend time typing all my feedback out on an iPhone. And, I'm not going to spend money on a bluetooth keyboard just for this when I hardly ever otherwise use one.

Any other suggestions for contacting them?

Please reply.

Weird. Nothing comes up on my screen when I do that. (well, nothing but peripheral links and crap on the side/bottom of the page not at all related to any e-mail help form)

Any help / other suggestions?

Submitted by Bobcat on Thursday, February 11, 2021

I've been using TV Guide for approximately the last year. It worked fairly well although it wasn't elegant I could find what I needed.. this latest major update is really hard to get around. Doesn't work very well with voiceover. Too hard to use now.
Looking for working alternatives. No luck so far.

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