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Friday, May 8, 2020

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“This new period tracking app is a serious game-changer.” — Teen Vogue Staying on top of your cycle has never been easier or more fun with Spot On — a birth control and period tracker powered by Planned Parenthood. Stay consistent with birth control reminders, guidance, and tips — no matter your method or your schedule. Track your specific brand of birth control, and receive personalized advice and guidance when you need it most. If you’re not on birth control, Spot On can accurately predict your period and give you a heads up on when you’re likely to be fertile. Spot On comes directly from the world-class sex educators at Planned Parenthood, so you know it’s reliable and safe. Track Your Period, Fertility, and Menstrual Cycle • Your flow — from spotting to light to heavy days. • Your symptoms — fatigue, cramps, or stomach aches. • Your activities — exercise, sex, or sleep quality Manage Your Birth Control • Track any method that affects your period: the pill, patch, ring, implant, shot, and IUD. • Track your method on your schedule: including continuous use, custom continuous use, and noncontinuous use. • Set discreet reminders specific to your birth control or menstrual cycle. • Get tips on the right steps to take if you get off track or switch your method. Personalized Support & Resources from Planned Parenthood • Detailed FAQs, articles, and Q&As from Planned Parenthood experts on everything related to sexual and reproductive health. • Easy access to book appointments at your local Planned Parenthood health center • Connection to our Chat/Text health educator hotline to speak directly with experts. • No judgment or assumptions about you, your reproductive goals, or your reasons for using birth control. “’s probably time you downloaded the new Planned Parenthood Spot On app. Seriously, it’s pretty awesome.” — Bustle “...a smart, unassuming, useful piece of technology — thank the gynecological cosmic forces.” — The Cut “We’ve already downloaded it — have you?” — Shape



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Accessibility Comments

This app has gotten a new layout since I’d last used it and the accessibility has fallen quite a bit because of this.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments

This app is quite useful. I like that it has built-in articles explaining things. I don’t use it much though since Apple introduced the cycle tracking feature in the help app.


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