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Description of App

It's summer time and time for new collections! Are you ready to turn your summer travels into gold?

With over 35,000 players addicted to Traveler's Quest with over 650 unique, and over 3 million total treasures to find world wide, what are you waiting for?

Traveler's Quest is an original GPS Game, and a must-have iPhone classic. It's the incredibly simple, yet insanely addictive virtual treasure hunt where the world is your game board, and your iPhone's GPS is the key! Travel around town, or around the world playing this new and innovative combination of a real world treasure hunt, with virtual treasures right on your iPhone! …………………………………………………………… LIMITED EDITION AND RARE COLLECTIONS …………………………………………………………… » 2009-2016 Christmas » 2016-2017 Time Capsule » 2010-2017 Easter » 2010-2016 Halloween » 2010-2011, 2013 Valentines Day » 2012, 2014 Mount Olympus » 2010 First Anniversary » 2010 Fourth of July » 2014 5th Anniversary

» 56 World Wide Collections » 19 Collections with Localized Treasures » 75 Collections and growing! ………………………………………………………… Double nominee and finalist ………………………………………………………… » 2009 & 2011-2014 Best App Ever Awards

» Here Ye, Here Ye! Treasure hunters detect and track down virtual treasure in the real world to complete your virtual collections. The treasure maps you receive are not just part of the game, they belong to other real world players! That's right, when you bury your treasures, they can be dug up by other players in the game who can then choose to rebury them or hold on to them in their treasure room! Don't worry though, you can pilfer their treasure stash as well!

Live the pirates life without the stress of dragging around a metal detector, or crawling around to find that cleverly hidden geocache. …………………………………………………………… » Incredibly easy to learn! Just detect treasure, and follow the map to dig it up!

» Incredibly addictive - you'll be detecting treasures and buying up available treasure maps everywhere you go!

» The world is your game board - Play against other players around the world, and around the corner

» Game Center Integration - Compare your leaderboard scores and achievements with your friends!

» Aim for a new personal accuracy best, or compete against other pirates in the in game leaderboards.

» In game store - Buy maps, treasures and upgrades in the in game store using your gold earnings; in-app purchases NOT required.

» Game Trailer Video

» Facebook - Chat with other pirates and the development team, exchange stories, hints, tips and tricks

…………………………………………………………… Traveler's Quest will get you off the couch and out of the house, hunting for treasures near by and far away. It's the perfect game to play while you're on the go! Around town or around the world, Traveler’s Quest is sure to be a game you come back to play! ……………………………………………………………

ⓘ Please report issues using our support site so we can assist you - visit for details.

ⓘ Traveler's Quest requires the built in GPS of the iPhone or iPad 3G/LTE+WiFi and WILL NOT install on an iPod Touch or WiFi only iPad.

ⓘ Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

ⓘ Due to the nature of Traveler's Quest, we highly discourage your use of this app while driving as it could be a distraction. We encourage your use of a "co-pilot" or "navigator" to help you find the treasures you seek while on the go. You are fully responsible for your actions while playing this game and by playing the game hold Kitty Code, LLC and all subsidiaries harmless for any and all subsequent consequences of your actions.

ⓘ This game uses your GPS location to find and bury virtual treasures in real world locations, as well as mapping the treasure's history. Creation of accounts by or for children under the age of 13 is therefore prohibited.



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Accessibility Comments

An excellent app to get you walking around or driving with a friend to find hidden treasure as the description says that of course is virtual. To get gold that of course is virtual as well. Sort of seems similar to the concept of Pokémon go except it’s completely accessible. Also. It’s goal is to find hidden treasures. Rather than monsters. And I don’t know that there are battles involved. I would recommend that you go into settings though and turn off the satellite or 3-D map and use the standard map. Makes it a lot easier to find those hidden treasures and where specifically they are.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some minor accessibility issues with this app, but they are easy to deal with.

Other Comments

As stated in the accessibility comments. This is a concept similar to Pokémon. It is not Pokémon. But it does have the concept. I just want to make that clear. All in all it’s a very good app. I actually have three treasures and I didn’t go anywhere. Problem is right now all the treasures that are out there are not within my distance I have to walk to get to them. And I haven’t had the chance.

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Submitted by DMNagel on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Thanks for your entry. I might try it out sometime. As for how to copy and paste the proper description easily, just swipe until your cursor is right on the description, then tap 4 times with 3 fingers to copy it. Next you just paste it on the app description edit field here on Applevis.

Submitted by Kimbowen on Saturday, September 23, 2017

This is totally awesome! Finally, we can join the rest of the world of Pokémon go by using Travelers Quest. How do you get started,? My boyfriend Josh, and I are just going to walk around our neighborhood and see what happens; there are 12 treasures in the area, it will be fun to see how many we can find. However, a podcast on how to use this app would be very beneficial. Happy hunting.

Submitted by JLYN on Saturday, September 23, 2017

In reply to by DMNagel

I really appreciate this. I will edit that’s the scription and stuff ASAP. Thank you so very much.

Submitted by JLYN on Saturday, September 23, 2017

Just want to make it clear that it is similar to Pokémon go. It is not the same. Similar concept in the sense that you have to walk around to get close enough to stuff to be able to get the stuff. It’s actually a rather interesting concept. In my opinion it’s Pokémon go without the stuff that I personally don’t like about Pokémon go. And as I said which you have apparently found out it is if not entirely totally accessible. it is Mostly accessible. You’re right though a podcast should be made. Problem is I don’t really know how.
I personally have never created a podcast in my life. I have asked people several times now without an answer. I am not sure I have the equipment here to create a podcast. But I could be wrong. If someone else wants to take that up that is totally fine with me. Or maybe contact me privately explaining how I can create a podcast with just an iPhone. Or maybe a braille display audio input. But it wouldn’t sound as good as I know a lot of these podcasts that pier sound. Because there would be background noise and stuff.

Submitted by sockhopsinger on Monday, September 25, 2017

Thanks for posting this app entry. You said it is mostly accessible, however in the accessibility comments above, you don't state what is not accessible. Can you explain what is not accessible? Thanks.

Submitted by JLYN on Monday, September 25, 2017

In reply to by sockhopsinger

Good question.

First I apologize. I do that mainly for precaution simply because I am totally blind. And I cannot test the app from a visual standpoint.

The only thing that I have found slightly confusing was the map. But when I went through the Settings part of the application I found standard satellite and 3-D map choices. I turned the 3-D map selector switch off. And I switch to map to standard view. And that helped with that issue.

There is one unlabeled button at the top of the main home screen that takes you to the information of what your character has in a more readable view. I am not sure why this button is unlabeled.
I would more than welcome other people’s comments about how accessible the app is. I think other people can rate it now how they preferred to rate it if they use it. The app is definitely usable. And from what I can tell it’s mostly accessible. I have not found any unaccessible areas. But that does not mean they don’t exist.

I honestly wasn’t sure how to read the app. If I rated it as mom totally accessible and people found problems with it. Then people would be fussing because I rated it totally accessible. If I rated it mostly accessible and people didn’t try it. Then I would get questions about what is the problem with the app. So I had the two choices. I don’t know which one would’ve been the better one. If people use this app and disagree with my accessibility rating. I am more than willing to switch it.

Submitted by JeffB on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Is there a way to see where berried treasure is? I can't figure out how to read maps. I see how far away treasure is but with no other direction.

Submitted by Nolly on Sunday, October 15, 2017

The only issue I've come across is that the arrow needed to collect or dig up a treasure isn't always centered in focus for voice over. It highlights the words, but not the arrow necessary to dig it up. The only solution I've found is to either attempt a split tap gesture, or click back and try to load the treasure again to see if it has become clickable. Other than this, it's a fun and addicting app. I don't know if anyone is interested, but my username is Nolly in the game.

Submitted by Laura Tosetto on Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hi all,
I just started playing this game and it sounds very interesting, but I have a question: when I'm in a map to dig a treasure, VoiceOver says "Dig treasure, buried by" followed by the name of the player who buried the treasure, but when I double-tap on this, nothing happens. So my question is: how do I dig treasures? Or does this happen because I'm too far for being able to dig the treasure? Thanks for your help!

Submitted by René Jaun on Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hello! Sadly, since IOS 12 has been released, Travelers Quests cannot be played by us VoiceOver users anymore. You are right that VO does announce a „Dig Treasure“ element. However, before IOS 12 VO would also announce the Red X Button (or something similar) on which one had to tap to collect (or burry) a treasure.
Sadly, I could not find a workaround for this issue. I have already sent an email to the TQ developers. They wrote back saying that they‘ll try to fix this in a future update.
However, they also stated that so far, they haven‘t done anything special to make TQ accessible. the app just happened to work agreeably well with VO.
If you do find a workaround for this issue, please let us know. Otherwise, we‘ll have to wait for the devs to do some magic and hopefully make TQ playable again.

Submitted by Laura Tosetto on Sunday, October 21, 2018

Hello René Jaun,
Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry to hear this because, as I said, the concept of the game seems very interesting. However, are you sure this is iOS 12 related? It could just be an accessibility issue with the app, and maybe the developers can do something about it (if they are willing to work on accessibility, of course).
It surprised me (and kind of made me sad) to read that the developers haven't done anything to make it accessible. That does explain some odd labels for buttons and the unlabeled button in the home screen, but I thought some accessibility development went into it, because for example the "dig treasure" element has a VoiceOver hint that says "Shows more info". But I guess I still have to understand better when an app just happens to be accessible, by chance, and when the devs have actually wanted to make it so. And I don't even know if it is actually possible to identify in which one of the cases a certain app falls in. But discovering that something is accessible just by accident always saddens me, especially when who's behind it doesn't seem to care about improving in this aspect when given plenty of helpful feedback.
I'm sorry if this comment is a bit out of context, but I wanted to let you know my thoughts about this.

Submitted by René Jaun on Sunday, October 21, 2018

Well, you do have a point saying that the developers will be able to do something about it. In the email response I got, they said they were aware of VoiceOver users playing TQ. So I think they really do care.
As for the bug, it was definitely introduced with IOS 12. I‘ve been a heavy TQ user for the last months. As long as I had IOS 11 running, TQ and VoiceOver would play nicely together. Then I upgraded to IOS 12 and gone was that Red X Button. :-(
I am however sure that there is a way for the developers to fix it.
Feel free to send them a message as well. To do so, enter the „Setings“ Dialogue, which you can open by pressing a button which is oddly enough announced as „Gear Button“ by VoiceOver. Then, you‘ll find a „àSupport email“ option. This will open a web form, using which you can get in touch with them.

Submitted by Laura Tosetto on Monday, October 22, 2018

Thanks for the info. I will consider sending them a message reporting the bug. However, their support form seems a bit out of date, as in the fields requiring you to enter the iOS version and game version you are running there's no mention of iOS 12 and version 7.9, which is the one I currently have installed.

Submitted by René Jaun on Monday, October 22, 2018

Yea I know. I wrote that in my feedback to them as well. Funny that they still haven‘t updated it.
Well, you just pick the versions that come closest to what you‘re using and clarify in the message body.

Submitted by Joel on Monday, December 31, 2018

Apparently, the team from Traveler’s Quest has taken back what they said about the App being accessible by coincidence. They are committed to Accessibility now. Don’t believe me? Check out this email for yourself. This email was sent to me from their team when I asked about not being able to dig up or bury treasures while using voiceover.
Here is the email:
Hi Fernando,
We are working on an update which includes a new button that works with voice over. Unfortunately it is taking us a while due to some other complexities. We are working on it as quickly as possible though.
This is excellent news!

Submitted by René Jaun on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Yes! It can be played again with VoiceOver.
Now, in every Map View, near the bottom of the screen, there‘s a button called „Dig For Treasure“. Once activated, you can collect the nearest treasure, or whichever you picked from the map.
When burying treasure, the button is still called „Dig for treasure“, but at least it works.

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