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Description of App: 

RS Games specializes in the development of accessible games, products and software for the blind and visually impaired. RS Games are played by thousands of visually impaired people on Windows and Mac computers, and Blindfold Games and RS Games teamed up to create this app.

Now you can play any of the 20 different multi-player games on an iPhone, iPad or iPod. Just login with your RS Games account, or create a new account, and start playing.

Several of the games are free, and others are available with an in-app upgrade.

You can start a public game or a private game, or you can join one of the public games that haven't started yet. You can add computer bot players to your game to make it more exciting.

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Accessibility Comments: 

The game is very accessible to use. Please see below for more information about sme non-typical gestures when using this game.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads all page elements.

Button Labeling: 

All buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.

Other Comments: 

Please note that the typical VoiceOver gesture to swipe left and right in certain areas will not work as expected. For example in the Starting Game section. You will hear Use an Existing Account and if you swipe left or right you will hear Quit. One must use a flick up or down from the Use an Existing Account to find the Create an Account. This can be found throughout the app. So be careful about this gesture. The other is that the Log In can be tricky at first. Enter your UserName and don't touch anything else and use the Return key at the bottom right corner. If you get the response of New Line. You will have to do it over again by shutting down the app and start over. Also, after entering your Password and hitting Return. This next page want to let you know that it will remember your credential so you don't have to remember it again. If I touch anything by swiping or anything you will get stuck. Whenn you get to this page just double tap on the screen without doing anything else. Lastly, for some of you out there I may caution you on the sticker price. As you are aware that you may have been spoiled with the genrous free games on the actual RS Games site. That is not the case in this app. Luckily, you can just purchase the game you want without breaking the bank. Just remember it cost the developer money to create this game and pices like this are pretty reasonable for the work that they had to put in to this.

Leave any suggestions and tips in the Comments below so that others can enjoy and even any feedback for the developer.

Enjoy the game! :)

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