Nicolas Eymerich - The Demon

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

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Dear brothers and sisters! The wait is finally over... The Inquisitor is BACK! Immerse yourself in this roguelike-inspired RPG and follow the last adventure of Nicolas Eymerich.

An exciting game mechanics in 8 different scenarios: haunted woods, caves invaded by monstrous creatures, crypts full of secrets and the Final Clash with the Evil One.

An innovative audio-navigational system to explore maps in the most remote corners. From the village of Calcares to the dungeons of the Abbey.

A brand-new combat mechanics in which you will control both Eymerich and Jacinto Corona. You will use the strength, the spirit, and the power of the Faith, to banish the Evil!
Dialogues in which to discover precious clues or the demonstration of the Lie of the Heresy.

Enigmas to solve with the ingenuity of divine intuition.
An accessible audio game for the visually impaired, enhanced with hand-drawn graphics and also playable in video mode.

The length of the story mode is more than twelve hours. But the game also offers an Infinite game mode in early access for embarking on new adventures even after you have completed the game.



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Fully accessible.

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Submitted by DMNagel on Thursday, July 23, 2020

While the game is good, I feel it could be better. At some places, you get no clue on where to go and I find it frustrating. Memorizing every step doesn't do it for me. Oh well.