Fury Driver

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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Description of App

Fury Driver is an action-thrille audiogame with dangerous and engaging car races.

Fury Driver: Moonwalks follows the story of the undercover cop Vergil Hawk.

Moon City is corrupt to the core and only Vergil Hawk can do something about it.

Mr Sin has all the city’s crime in his hands and nobody knows who is behind the mask he always wears. Infiltrate the crime of Moon City, take part in the dangerous, clandestine races of the city and go as far as the boss goes.

And if they force you to do things that go against what you believe in … how will you manage to remain a real hero?

Try to survive and run as fast as you can in Fury Driver: Moonwalks.


A game by Riccardo Vecchi

Game design and programming by Riccardo Vecchi and Massimo De Pasquale

Story by Andrea D’Angelo

Sound design and Music by Lorenzo Venturini

Voice by Matthew Curtis

Store Icon Art by Marco Sessa

Testing by Douglas Gallo

Mobile Porting Matteo Manicone

Administrative Direction by Mirko Venturi



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Accessibility Comments

Works with VoiceOver and doesn't require for VoiceOver to be turned off to play the game.

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Not applicable for this app.

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The app is fully accessible with VoiceOver and is easy to navigate and use.


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Submitted by alex wallis on Friday, July 2, 2021

the game is good in that it has a lot of locations, things to do and descriptions of objects, though i'm not convinced its going to have any replay value once I've finished it.
However I must say the combat system seems very poorly executed, i've won a few fights before the point I am at but its taken multiple attempts, the issue is that the game expects you to react very fast, and this isn't easy on a larger screen phone such as the 12 pro max, but also the system feels very unresponsive, often I swipe in the direction I need to to avoid a shot and the game doesn't respond, in particular its most hard to avoid shots coming from the centre as you seem to really have to adjust where your fingers swipe on the screen all of which takes time. most problematic of all is that often returning fire simply doesn't work, I swipe up as I should in order to shoot, and the game simply doesn't get me to fire back, so i'm not sure if the combat controls are a very small part of the screen or if its just very poorly coded, but i'm not sure if I would recommend this game on ios, i'm hoping I might have better luck with the pc version, though I placed my order a week ago for it, and haven't received my registration information or download link and my payment has gone through, I have contacted the store about this today and am waiting for a response. I would be interested to know if others have had similar issues with the combat system. also i've found that sometimes when the game puts the screen into landscape mode it does it so my lightning port has to be on the left and other times on the right.
i've enabled direct touch mode on VoiceOver, but even though i've done this also VoiceOver can get in the way particularly in combat and try to trigger rotor gestures such as heading navigation. i'm reluctant to quit voiceOver entirely because especially with ios how it is these days you can accidentally do things like open the app switcher or notification centre when performing certain gestures on screen that are there for sighted users that we wouldn't normally use.

Submitted by DMNagel on Saturday, July 3, 2021

It is as you say. The game is good on locations and things to do, but the combat system really needs work. There is a terrible lag in everything you do when swiping around with the combat system. I only managed to win one single fight. I'll give them some time to fix this.

Submitted by alex wallis on Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Just an update, I got my code for the pc version, and actually its worse than the ios version, in the sense that I got to the part where you had to race, and the pc version of the app behaves differently to the ios version, on the ios version you at least hear a car engine sound when you race, on the pc version you just hear annoying beep beep sounds, and the pc version feels sluggish, did they seriously get anyone to test this game before release. i've now just deleted the iPhone version and pc version and probably won't bother with it again or its followup.
also if you lose a race which in fact I did every time on the PC the game sometimes restarted the race for me, and at other times got me to load a save game, when the save game loaded often options when navigating the map wouldn't speak till I totally restarted the game, over all not worth it in my view, shame as I think it had potential but seriously talk about limited concept when we actually have imaginative games out there.