Dresden Files Co-Op Card Game

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Friday, March 22, 2019

Description of App

Play Harry Dresden and his friends as they take on the cases from the bestselling Dresden Files novels in the ultimate what-if scenario—what if Harry was
on the scene with allies who weren’t there in the original story? The core game includes Harry, Murphy, Susan, Michael, and the Alphas and plays through
the first five novels as well as Side Jobs, a random scenario generator based on the short story collection of the same name. Designs are already well
underway for expansions featuring more series characters and more novels.

Game Information

Number of players: 1-5

Length: 30 minutes

Type of Game: Cooperative

This is the officially licensed version of the tabletop game by Evil Hat.

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game, the Fate logo, and related images are trademarks of Evil Hat and are ©2016 Evil Hat Productions, LLC. Based upon
the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. All rights reserved.



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Accessibility Comments

Currently Voice Over does nothing when this app is loaded up and if you swipe around, sadly.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads no page elements.

Button Labeling

No buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is totally inaccessible.

Other Comments

There is a very accessible bug submission system that this developer seems to use - I've submitted a bug to it and it has been accepted/assigned. We'll see what happens. It may be that this app is programmed with Unity or some other cross-platform programming system without accessibility hooks out of the box.

I paid the money for this and haven't asked for a refund yet - I am going to see what the developer says.

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