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How fast can you mine? How much can you mine?

Just start tapping or shaking your phone and find out! Watch the resources pile up!

Maybe you'll invest in a diamond pickaxe to mine more resources per tap.

Maybe you'll hire a farmer or invest in a different enchantment - like a military grade tank - to mine resources WITHOUT tapping!

Just keep tapping, just keep tapping, just keep just keep just keep tapping.

Be prepared for endless hours of fun and entertainment and cool surprises!

This game is very simple: -Mine as many resources as you can by shaking your phone or tapping the screen as fast as you can. -Use the resources to unlock other tools, and upgrade existing ones to mine resources even faster! -Can you be the greatest miner there ever was?

What you need to do in order to mine: . Turn your sound on . Swipe across your screen to change tools . Shake or tap your phone . Turn off your phone's Auto Lock (Settings->General->Auto-Lock->Never)

This way your screen won't turn off when you are idly mining resources or shaking your phone.



Make Believe.

Cycle through 5 different tools (axe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe, and sword) complete with authentic game sound effects and accelerometer (shaking) support.

Simulate Your Senses

You will be surprised by how much time you spend playing this game. Your enjoyment is our number one priority.

Block Selection

Choose the block you want to mine for each tool and keep count of your block inventory.

Tool Upgrade

Upgrade your tools to earn more resources per tap. Start with a standard wooden tool, then move all the way up to a legendary tool.


Use strategic upgrades to mine resources without needing to tap or shake your phone! The game collects the resources for you automatically.

More Powerups

Take it to the next level. Buy advanced upgrades and reap the lucrative benefits!

BURST MODE IS CRAZY. You will find out why.

LOOK FOR HIDDEN EASTER EGGS :) like the Teleporter Gun and Saber Master

GAMECENTER enabled for Clickcraft Leaderboard! See scores around the world!


Clickcraft is a MInecraft inspired app. however, it does not use any game assets- images or sounds owned by Mojang.

as noted here:


** "Minecraft" is a registered trademark of Mojang AB. ** ** Clickcraft: Quest for Minerals is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang AB. **

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Accessibility Comments: 

This game is playable but there are a lot of unlabelled buttons. WHen selecting your mining block you can't tell what you are mining for, but this can be overcome by just collecting a lot of everything. Upgrades and enchantments are all unlabelled at the moment, but for free it's worth a look at.

VoiceOver Performance: 

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling: 

Few buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments: 

I've contacted the developers about the unlabelled buttons, the shop to buy upgrades with real-world money is accessible, the settings are labelled fine, but the object you are mining for is not nor are the upgrades for the tools and enchantments. Every popup is easy to find on screen ard readable as well. Total materials collected is clearly labelled and this can be played with VO on or off, using a split tap on the tool button, for example wood axe, can allow you to click more quickly. Turning VO off though makes it much faster and you just tap near th emiddle of the screen. Swiping to new tools can be achieved by tapping on the left and right buttons labelled left tap and right tap respectfully. WHen a tool is unlocked you can tap a button under the tool button name that is normally dimmed to unlock it. I'm going to continue playing despite the difficulty with enchantments and tool upgrades, it's a simple and fun game that works depsite the quirks. I hope that it can become more accessible than it is now though.

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