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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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"I love love this. What a fun way to test and learn the bible. If u don't know a passage, it shows it to you right then. It also encourages you to find the answers to questions yourself by providing hints.. Awesome game! REALLY!"

"Amazing! Great fun for the whole family. Beautifully presented." "I love love love this game!!!!!!! It really makes you think.❤❤❤" ***** Do you know the Bible? Want to prove it? Try Bible Trivia now! Play the first Bible trivia app that includes audio and picture clues as well as fill in the blanks. Unscramble the correct letters to get the right answer. If you need a hint, there's 3 powerups to choose from. Get a random correct letter, remove 3 incorrect letters or even get a hint for the Bible reference. 5 CATEGORIES OF QUESTIONS 
  • Audio Clues - Listen to a Bible verse with the answer omitted. Unscramble the letters to get the right answer. Voice over provided in a British accent!
  • Jesus Said - Did Jesus really say that? Guess the word that completes it!
  • Name That Book – Think you know about all the books in the Bible? All the answers in this category will be books from the Bible.
  • Person - This category provides clues for a person in the Bible.
  • Guess The Scene - This category provides clues that bring the Bible stories to life. Identify the keyword in the scene.



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Totally inaccessible. I even tried visually getting past the first screen. It was still inaccessible.

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VoiceOver reads no page elements.

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No buttons are clearly labeled.


The app is totally inaccessible.


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