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Description of App

Bold food demands a bold app! With our new iPhone app, you can find a Chili’s restaurant, browse the menu, get coupons, and even order To-Go directly from your iPhone! You’re never too far from a Chili’s and now it’s easier than ever to order To-Go! - Find a Chili’s using your current location, by Zip Code, or by City & State. - Get Maps & Driving Directions to Chili’s. - See Chili’s featured items & coupons. - Browse Chili’s full menu. - Order online for To-Go service. - Sign up for the Chili’s Email Club to be notified of current deals, promotions, and new menu items. - Follow us on your favorite social networks like Facebook & Twitter. - Scan QR codes in the restaurant with a new built-in code scanner.



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Apple Watch Support

Not Known

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Accessibility Comments

There is a major accessibility hurdle with this app, but if you can work your way past that, the rest of the app seems useable. The problem is that you are ferst presented with a screen full of icons that Voiceover does not even acknowledge. You have to turn Voiceover off and tap on the screen in hopes of getting past it. Once you do, the items you would most want to use are accessible via tabs at the bottom. At least that's true if you hit one of them. I didn't try using each feature on the main screen, some of which do not appear in the tabs. Online ordering appears to be usable, though I did not try to actually complete the order. It is useful as a way to read the menus and get full and current descriptions of the items that are on it along with pricing. On my iPhone 4S, the Order Now icon is near the top right.

VoiceOver Performance

VoiceOver reads most page elements.

Button Labeling

Most buttons are clearly labeled.


There are some accessibility issues with this app, but it can still be used if you are willing to tolerate these issues and learn how to work around them.

Other Comments

I put the Chili's Twitter handle below and maybe some mentions would help but I think we'll have to dig a little more to find the actual developer.

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Submitted by Larry Thacker Jr. on Sunday, September 1, 2013

I gave them a shout through their Twitter account and they actually responded, giving me an address to write to and explain the problem. We'll see what happens.

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